Going Within


Everyone has their own way to fill themselves up and to find their centre. For me it has always been going into nature. Sometimes remote nature, by myself, just me and my tent.I have been getting the intuitive message from spirit for months now that it is time for me to go on a vision quest-to go within. I have been ignoring this feeling and the gentle nudges to do so for a while now because I was too busy, I had too much going on.As a result my health began to deteriorate. My adrenals became tired and overworked and my immune system crashed to the point where I was flat on my back wondering how I got there. Well spirit answered me. I had been going full speed for so long that I had managed to successfully burn myself out to a full stop. Luckily with the help of herbal support, and acupuncture, and energy work I am well again.As a holistic practitioner I should really know better. Believe me. I know. The only thing worse that being unwell is judging yourself and your folly in getting there.While I was in Bali recently on a course I asked spirit what I needed to do to get back to my 100% and got the clear message that I needed to take a break, not just from work, but from everything. It was time for me to retreat into the woods to meditate and commune with spirit. For clarity, for direction, for expansion, and for healing.So that Is what I am doing. I realize it is not warm outside anymore but I am bringing my tent and I am going to find a remote patch of forest and sit and meditate for however long it takes.I have taken a brief leave from my work. I will return. I work with an incredibly talented team so I know my regular clients are in very good hands.I have had an incredibly busy and sometimes stressful 16 months. A lot of change. A lot of wonderful change in all parts of my life and some of it has been challenging. I have not had much time to process the changes or recover from them as it has been one thing after another for a very long time. That is another reason I need to unplug from 'civilization' and reconnect to spirit in a deeper way. I have heard spirit calling me to do this for over a year now and I cannot put it off any longer.After witnessing 2 very dear young holistic healers pass into spirit this past year it has reminded me that life is short, sometimes fleeting, it is precious, and we owe it to ourselves and others to be living our best life. I am taking the advice I would give any of my clients if they came to me with the experiences I have been having lately. When seeking clarity~ if the answers are not coming~it is best to Go Within. I will be doing just that.I thank all of you for understanding my process and being patient and understanding that I will not be available in my usual capacity at the centre for a few weeks.I was reading a channeling a friend sent me via email the other day and found it ironic the person channeling the message is taking a sabbatical until the end of the year. Since that time 2 more very intuitive people have told me they are also taking the next 2 months off. Although I do not plan taking the rest of the year off-there must be something with the current time we are in energetically and this very real need to go inwards.Whenever I have done this process in the past I emerge with new clarity, optimism, and beautiful treasures of wisdom from the etheric realm. I am going into this experience with no expectation other than I am making myself available to receive all that I need to receive to move forward. I look forward to sharing my experiences when I return.Until then I will see you in that big beautiful quantum field of possibilities.

With love,


10 Life Lessons I Learned While Running


How-to-Start-RunningI like to run. Not for the fitness, or the exercise, or to train for anything. I just like the freedom it brings. For me it is pure joy. I was introduced to running when I was 9 years old and ever since then it has been in and out of my life. I usually go with no set distance in mind. I run until my body is 'done' sometimes it's 5km, sometimes closer to 20km. I sometimes take break from running as well. It is not something I 'need' to do. It is more of an intuitive experience I guess. So I am by no means what people would consider a 'good runner. I do it for the Love of it.Here are 10  lessons  I learned while running that also apply to life. Enjoy!1. BreatheBreathe thru joy, difficulty, discomfort, hills and even when you feel you cannot breathe. Breathing stills the mind, it let's us know we are alive, our heart still beats. We let things go with the breath and with the breath we breathe new life in.2. Support is RequiredIn running, shoes can make all the difference in the world between feeling good or not so good. They can prevent or provoke injury. In life we also need the right support. There are different kinds of support just as there are different kinds of relationships. Some things work for some people and not for others. Finding the  support that is right for you helps you negotiate life with more ease. 3. Never Give UpAlthough there may come a time in your life where you have exhausted all options and may feel you need to give up on someone or something-Never Give Up On Yourself.trail+running+girl4. Power of The MindThe mind determines the outcome.Yes the body can tire, but it's the mind that will decide if your body can take you that extra mile.5. Lack Of Commitment Is FatalA plan is needed in running and in life. A route. A time set aside. Failure to plan is a default plan to fail. Lack of commitment will result in you eventually giving up: on your dreams, on your life, on your future and on yourself.6. Enjoy The JourneyI feel this one is the most important. Sometimes in life we focus on goals or results and we may miss the joy or adventure of  getting from A-B. This applies to running and life. Look around. Feel that sunset, breathe in the fresh air, connect with the trees. In whatever you do, do it for the Love of it7. Sometimes Its An Alone JourneyLearn to be o.k in your alone-ness. You can run with another or a group but that requires sometimes altering your pace to fit in. We all have our own unique pace and when you run alone you connect to that. Sometimes in life we need to work in groups or if we feel we are changing our pace too much for others, we may need to go it alone. Having the awareness of which one you need at any given time is important.running woman8. No One Can Do It For YouNo one can live your life for you. Just like no one can run for you. People can love and support and cheer you on (just like in life) but you are the one who has to put your shoes on and walk out that door and engage it.9. Its O.K. To Take A Time OutThere are days you are going to want to not run, to rest, to sit it out just like in life. Take that time if you really need it but do not let days become weeks and years. Life is for living not to sit on the sidelines and watch it roll by.10. Switch Up Your RouteChange your routine. Keep it fresh. Keep a bit of the unknown alive. Say yes to adventure. That side trail may be a dead end or a magical trail to a place you've never been.Most of all have fun!Love,Kerri

What You 'Want' You Will Never Have


 216253_257762594363681_166107679_nThat above statement is not only true it is the law of attraction at work.What you 'want' you will never have because you are in the act of wanting it.The very act of wanting pushes it away.Do you really really Want something?Then Stop Wanting it and start BEING it.This applies to everything. abundance, health, relationships, career, family, etc.Wanting keeps you waiting. It keeps you a victim in your own life.Life is too short to waste time by not living it 100%.The fastest way to create something new in your life is to Stop Wanting It and start BECOMING it.How do you do that?1. Take action. What action would you be taking if that thing you wanted was already in your life?2. Have a plan. Have a few steps you can take forwards. You do not need to see the whole staircase remember? Just the first few steps.532827_399472243423927_1846582281_n-300x1873. End victimization. Throw your excuses and 'poor me' out in the trash where they belong. As long as you are seeing yourself as a victim of circumstance you will never take constructive action towards your future.4. Own it. Be ok with being that what you want. Don't judge your dreams. If your dreams come true it is not at the expense of anyone else. You are not stealing anyone else dreams or joy. There is enough love & abundance in the world for everyone, and thankfully we all have our own unique dreams.butterfly5. Remove fear. The # 1 stumbling block of anything is Fear. Self doubt is fear with a different name-they are essentially one and the same thing. You want this remember? You don't have the time & energy to waste on being afraid of it. Take action-even baby steps forward will alleviate fear.6. Be flexible. It's ok to change your mind. That thing you want? As you get closer to it if you realize you don't want it after all and just thought you did- that's ok. Nothing is wasted. At least you have realized that now and not later. So scratch that dream off the list and replace it with something you feel you truly want.428484_389674277813350_617499788_nNow go out there and do it! 

What to Do When Caught In The Undertow


Crashing_Ocean_Waves_nature_freecomputerdesktopwallpaper_1024Life is a lot like surfing. Sometimes you are in the flow of the most magnificent wave. Sometimes you miss that wave and other times you take a total beating. But one thing is for certain- When you fall down you have to get up. Recently I found myself caught off guard, and ended up taking a bit of a fall. Only this time while I was getting up, I was hit again and I fell down...Again...and instead of getting up, I got caught in the undertow.Being under violent crazy water not knowing when you are going to pop up for air or even 'if' you will be able to catch your breath is an uncomfortable place to be. It is easy to go into fear in that crazy storm. It can be difficult but it is So Important To Stay Present when that happens and just simply focus on getting head above water.I swam hard, I fought the current.Thankfully I did pop up. I got a breath. Then as things settled I got a few more breaths and eventually I ended up washed up on shore. A bit surprised, relieved, and totally exhausted.I would never have fallen if I had not decided to surf in the first place.Do I regret surfing?Not at all.Am I going to run out there to hop on a big wave right away?Not so much.I think I might take a couple of days in the kiddie pool with a lemonade and recover first.Am I talking about surfing?Yes and no.Am I talking about life?You bet I am.As a Holistic practitioner, I have a lot of tools at my disposal for health wellness and balance. Does that make my life immune to challenges? Not at all. In fact I often joke that my life challenges have gotten larger in comparison to my available tools-just to keep things fair and balanced in the universe. : )Even the most present, aware and balanced surfer is going to fall. You cannot live your life afraid of the fall.If you are going to ride those big waves, then you need to train hard and prepare for them so that if you fall while surfing them, you can survive it.You also need to go into surfing them with no fear. Sure you may fall, you may even get hurt-but if you let the 'what ifs' and fears hold you back, that is not living.So because I am a surfer and because I have 'been there'(on the bad side of a wave) a few times over the years and I am still 'here', this is my best advice for what to do when you fall off your wave, and how to get back up and surfing again. : )bigwave1. Take Action- Try at first to help yourself. Try to swim to get up for air. If you cannot, or the water is too rough then....2. Just Wait. Continue to hold your breath and allow the water to move you up and out or to shore. Baby steps or one step at a time. Only look at the things directly in front of you that need immediate attention and let everything else fall away.3. Surrender. Know that this is Bigger Than You. If your effort alone would change this you would have had results from step #1. If you are still being tossed around, recognize that you do not control these larger elements. Things are rearranging in your life. Allow them to.Chaos Always precedes Large change. The bigger the chaos, the large the change.4. Be The Observer. Watch the scene with calm detachment as though it was a movie you were watching-instead of feeling yourself in the scene. By taking that step back to observer perspective, you will see valuable and helpful things you may have missed while 'in it'.5. Ask For Help. This may mean asking someone for advice, getting more information, or researching something more. It could be that you need actual physical help, or healing. This also includes asking spirit for help and prayer.6. Be Open To Receive the help you asked for. Take that advice. Listen. Allow yourself to receive that love and healing you asked for. Embrace those answered prayers.7. Build yourself up again. Recover. Be kind and gentle. Learn from your 'mistakes' and then get back out there and get back on your wave. After all, you are a surfer!I was a bit later than I wanted getting this post up and out there. Thankfully things have settled for me and I'm back on my board but still felt it was important to share this because I know I am not the only 'life surfer' out there, and I definately know I am not the only one who has fallen and had to get up again. This is for all of the courageous and fearless surfers trying to live their dreams and not giving up, not even when they fall or get knocked down every so often.As Dory in finding Nemo sings..."just keep  on swimming, swimming, swimming..."Lots of Love,Kerri

Sometimes You Have To Fight

2981002_sSometimes when you have exhausted all other avenues you just have to fight.I don't believe in fighting, or conflict. I'm a healer. I believe there is always a compassionate, gentle, loving solution, and I try to live my life that way. I say 'try' because sometimes that can be difficult when not everyone we encounter has the same intent. And I am human. I make mistakes.Still at the end of the day my tendency is to turn the other cheek. I mean after all if you need to hit the other cheek after you hit the first one, my thought is have at it.I'm not going to judge you for hurting me. Maybe when you are done hurting people,  then we can get down to doing to doing the work of healing instead.People who hurt other people have the most fear. They need the most love and compassion. It is Easy to love a loving person. It is not as easy to love a mean or hurtful person.So overall I have a tendency to be more of a door mat than a warrior.That is unless:1. You mess with my kids-then God help you-you will get my full-on Momma bear, and she is Fierce.or 2. Something is so obviously unfair and unjust that it NEEDS to be addressed.My recent experience fell under category 2, and here is my story-and lessons learned-and there were a lot of lessons learned.I ended up in a situation where I was victimized financially. Instead of resolution, the large corporation hid behind their policy to protect the person who had taken my money and given nothing in return. I went through their legal process, time consuming involving numerous emails, phone calls, and hours on hold. Hours.At the end of the day, the money was not the reason I would not let this go. The money was not worth the time and energy it took to resolve this. What made me stick with this situation was that is was Wrong. It was wrong and the other person knew it. And maybe they do this all the time, I don't know, I hope not. But in this case it would not go away. I needed to stand up and speak out on this.I had to stand up and speak out a lot. It took the big company a long time to realize I was not going to go away. That this was about principle, nothing else. And as much as I wished I could have cut my losses and go away my soul was crying out for fairness and justice.So I had to 'fight'. I had to hold my ground and not give up. Not even after hearing 'NO' a million times. I had to take it up several levels within this organization to get the situation even looked at properly.Today it was resolved. Was it worth the time and effort. Yes. Was it for the money. No. But I am sure glad that was returned to me.What I gained in this experience was my self respect. I made a mistake. I forgave myself and the other person. But I needed to take action. I tried to do it the 'right' way, the 'nice' way, the 'understanding' way but was not being heard. So I needed to get louder.Now getting louder does not mean you are heard any better in fact most people 'turn off' a loud voice. But I had to get loud in that I had to channel my inner warrior and say 'NO' This is not right. It's not o.k. and it needs to be fixed.There are many times in our life where we need to make the choice to back down or stand up and fight. Sometimes it makes sense to back down. As a healer and spiritual person I would often sway to the backing down side more than the fighting-always asking myself what is best for the greater good, for the good of the group, putting myself last. I know. I know. But hey I'm a Mom. Try as we might...it's what we 'do'.It is because of my tendency to do that that I was victimized in the first place. I'm not talking about trust. I will continue to trust people and their intrinsic good nature. I'm talking about that I was put in a situation for someone to take advantage of me. I was 'presenting' as a victim.I had to make a choice. A choice involving 2 letters, and a paradigm shift. I had to change the IM to an OR. From VictIM to VictOR. And to make that 2 letter change I was required to put on my boxing gloves and take a stand. And I did. And I won. And it feels good.What I learned in all of this- and this surprised me a bit-(because I always thought it was the other way around)Sometimes spirit wants us to fight.Sometimes we need to stand up for ourselves. It is not about hurting someone else. It is about fighting for the voice to speak your truth, even when you feel unheard, even when your voice feels small. You can make a change. Yes you can!This was one small insignificant issue in my life. The world is full of injustices larger and way more important than this. Sometimes we do not see them or look the other way and that is o.k. we all have our own battles to fight and they will come to us. I don't believe in going through life fighting anything. I believe in the philosophy of Abraham via Esther Hicks in that whatever we reject or fight will expand in our lives and will continually be in our face to resolve.But if it is in our face-then RESOLVE IT. Face it head on and make a choice, then change will follow.Shadow-Waiting-for-Vibrant-Jung-ThingA big thanks to Kim who invited me to her house on Sunday to watch a movie The Shadow Effect by Debbie Ford. Not the fun 'girls night in' movie I was expecting, but was perfect. It is not an easy movie, but a movie worth watching to get you to look at, acknowledge and embrace those parts about yourself that you deny, that make you uncomfortable or that you would rather not look at. It wasn't until watching that movie that I had the epiphany that I was not getting results in my situation because I was going about things my usual 'Kerri' way.My 'shadow side' that was hidden from me in this case was my judgement and rejection of the part of me that needed to be a bitch to get things done. I did not want to be 'that person.' I had a judgement on that part of myself. Who wants to be a bitch? No one. But you know what, I had to be. I had to put those big girl boots on and stamp my feet a bit.She said something that stayed with me in the movie, and forgive me I am paraphrasing but it was something along the lines of : 'We can only see our true light when we are standing in our shadow.'  You can only see your shadow from a place of light. You cannot see your shadow when you are operating from a place of being fully in it. And I believe that. True healing requires Honesty, and that is seeing and acknowledging All parts of ourselves. Not just the ones we like or want to embrace.Once I embraced my inner bitch, everything around me got moving. In the Right direction.Do I want to do it again? No way!I'm happy to go back to skipping through green fields with my butterflies. : )But I had to make peace with, honour, and love my inner bitch. Then I had to engage her into action. What a doozy. But it's really good to know that part of me is in there somewhere and when I need that part I know she has my back.What part of you do you not like to acknowledge or utilize? Can you find maybe one or 2 positive qualities about that part that can help you to embrace it?Believe me! It's worth asking yourself that question now, and balancing that now, rather than slogging through the chaos I just experienced.Please for the love of God learn from my folly!We all have a shadow side. The key is to get to know yours so you are aware of it. That way you can work with it in a positive loving way rather than have it's less favourable aspects control you. I wish you the best of luck in your endeavours,  but try not to let your shadow side out around me anytime soon. I need a vacation! : )Love You All & A Big Hug From Me To You!xoKerri

Change Is Good ~ Embrace Your Mess


chaos-and-change1We just completed the Kundalini Reiki Master Intensive class last Sunday and indeed it was intense. Not in a bad way but in a Big Way. Just because Karen and I teach the class does not mean that we are immune to the shifts of the energy. In fact I believe we get it in a very concentrated way before during and after teaching. It is as though the universe is saying 'Are you ready to ride this frequency? Then buckle up!'I LOVE teaching this incredible modality. I love seeing the changes. It works FAST, it blasts through everything it needs to! To be honest the chaos that this fast pace sometimes creates, I could do without. I do blame myself. I did way too many processes on my house in a short period of time. The kids and I became unwell-as we were processing the changes in our physical body. Not a fun way to process, but things are healing and balancing and re-arranging as a result. Sometimes change in it's initial stages can be messy. I am not a fan of messy. I prefer disorder within some kind of order. But in this case it just got messy fast and I had to surrender and sit in the mess for a few days.Coming out the other side of a 'mess' is much more fun. This morning while teaching yoga I could start to see the clarity, the healing and the new order forming, but I can still see some of the changes I need to make as well.Change is good and change is necessary but lets face it, change can be messy. Does it have to be messy? Not at all. Change can be graceful and beautiful. However, in my experience Big Change (change that affects multiple timelines of reality and many people, places, things, times, and events) can be a bit 'messy'.fear-of-changeWhy am I sharing this? Well I want you to all embrace your 'mess'. Whatever you feel your mess may be. Being in a mess is no time to stick your head in the sand. Look your mess straight in the eye(if it has an eye)(might be more like an eye of a hurricane-lol) and Embrace it, Thank it, Learn from it, Acknowledge it, Love it. That 'mess' in your life is simply your transition through change. Change that you probably 'asked for', change you most certainly needed. Sometimes those sandcastles need to come down to be rebuilt. Better, stronger, healthier.The bigger the 'mess' the bigger the change. So if you find yourself in a big 'mess' know that the change that is coming will be very very big and very transformational. And remember Change is GOOD. Change happens when we 'ask for it'. Don't be frightened of the process. Just breathe, go slowly and trust.xoKerri      

Tips For 'Shifting' With Grace & Ease

ImageAs I was running today I was contemplating how easily nature changes. It grows when it needs to grow, it sustains when it needs to sustain, it changes when it needs to change, and when it is complete it dies to make way for the new. It does not fight any of these stages, it simply accepts and allows and just 'is'. I try to do that in my own life. Of course I need to take action too, but I try and live in the 'flow' as much as possible. I have been noticing lately that some of us have been having difficulty staying in the 'flow' for sustained periods of time. Especially my 'healer', and 'sensitive' and ' intuitive' friends- we have been really feeling the earth changes, some in a small way and some in a very large way.So now as we  head further into this year of big change, and growth, and exciting evolution, (the year many of us have been waiting for) as the earth continues to shift in frequency, we must continue to learn to shift also. We must learn to be like nature, to be more fluid. To accept change gracefully, to welcome it. To go into change with 'ease'. This 'shift'  is a wonderful positive change for the earth and humanity, however the energy fluctuations many of us have been feeling I believe will continue in terms of frequency and in strength.For 'sensitive' types, some may feel like they are being tossed about in a quantum ocean without a boat. A daily practice of meditation or yoga is very helpful for staying balanced and well during this time. Anything that connects or links you to the earth will help. Gardening is a perfect solution! Need a patch of soil to play in? I have a huge patch...and I will share. ; )(Don't get me started on that....but I will gratefully accept garden volunteers...and am willing to trade weeding & beautifying the wild backyard for reiki etc.)This is also why I have been getting the intuitive message (which feel more like a kick in the backside) to start teaching Tibetan Yoga again. It helps me stay centered and grounded and balanced, so I am hoping it helps others too.If you are feeling the joy and huge wonderful energy from these shifts, that is great! Keep surfing that wave! If you get caught in the undertow, or ever feel off balance, or unwell, or overwhelmed, some things that can help are:*Connect to the Earth-spend as much time outdoors as possible*Be in the Frequency of Joy as much as possible-it is ok for you to be happy and doing things for yourself that make you happy. Find your joy. If you don't know what makes you happy, start trying new things to help you find it.*Set up a Support Network for when you need help*Do the Work to let go of things that no longer serve you(physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually)-whether it is an unhealthy choices, unhealthy relationship, unhealthy habits, unhealthy mental state or outlook. You cannot afford to avoid or delay this process anymore. You must Clear Your Clutter!*Honour Your Body Endeavour to make choices to sustain and nurture it *Drink lots of Water Always. And for those looking to develop intuitively drink twice as much. Water conducts energy.*Make Healthier Food Choices This is so much easier this time of year when the fresh things are in season locallyAnd Most Importantly...*Be Kind and Gentle with Yourself and with Others-Everyone is going through these changes in their own way and it is so important to cultivate patience, understanding, and compassion.Big Hugs!Love,Kerri & All of Us At Circle of LightRead the rest of the newsletter HERE

Bigger Bowl Required


fish-bowl-backgrounds-wallpapersThis is how I've been feeling lately..like I need a bigger bowl..or no bowl for that matter but in the case of a fish analogy a bowl with water is a necessary thing. : )I know a HUGE shift is in the works because I am feeling like I need more space.So this is exciting. I am just wondering if anyone else out there feels they are moving to a bigger bowl too.Seems like it is a good time to upgrade, re-organize, reassess, and shift into a brand new expansive reality. I'm not going anywhere- in that I'm staying here and the business is staying here- lol- I'm just talking about growth.At the centre things are really coming into a nice balance. (We always have a great balance here)but I am talking about some NEW Practitioners & NEW Services.Acupuncture, Natropathy, and Athletic Therapy(Osteopathy), Bowen Therapy -helping to link us the physical and the energetic. It now feels like a place that offers everything needed, and many options to choose from. And I know I am benefitting from the numerous talented professionals here. And I am not just 'saying' everyone is great because they work here. They really are GREAT. And so I give thanks for being so lucky to spend my days with such a wonderful group of healers. I'm truly blessed. And I hope everyone likes the view from the new bigger bowl..it is pretty exciting-all of the projects in the works right now.I hope all of you are taking advantage of this creative energy that is upon us and are creating Wonderful New & Exciting things in your life this Spring. It's the season for Change and Growth!Make the most of it!