Insights on Love ~ From The Movie 'Eat, Pray, Love'

As I'm planning my trip to Bali in the Fall it made me think of the book 'Eat Pray Love'. So many people wanted to go to Bali after reading that book, or more recently, seeing the movie.Bali has always been a place I was curious to go, but to be honest, it was not on my list of next adventures.I sort of fell into this trip, intuitively and suddenly, much the same way I tend to fall in love.And that got me thinking about the True Nature of Love, our Soul's Journey through life, and the book 'Eat, Pray, Love'For those who have not seen the movie, it's now available on Netflix.For those who have;Do you remember in the movie near the end when Liz doesn't go with Fillipe on the boat because she feels she is losing her life balance by being in the relationship? It's that moment where she has a choice of 'Going for it', or Going back to the comfort of the life she knows. When she later visits Ketut (her spiritual advisor and friend) he explains to her that:"Sometimes to lose balance for love is part of living a balanced life. "After she listens and contemplates what he says, she has the realization that love takes courage and a huge leap of faith and she then does something we all have the ability to do (although many of us forget we can actually do this)

She changes her mind.

I've been thinking about that a lot lately. I guess that's why it's called 'Falling' in Love. Falling is Not balance. Falling is falling. Falling can hurt.  But I do believe balance can come within love. I also believe love is a force that disrupts everything. It has to because it IS change, it IS evolution, it can destroy worlds, but is also the glue that holds everything together. It heals, it connects and it does create balance. But it also shakes things up, makes people uncomfortable, and teaches. Love is like the wind. It can't be defined, controlled or balanced. It's also  like a plant where it needs certain things, or it dies. And I'm starting to understand that a person can be absolutely surrounded by love, but unless they are able to let it in, they just won't feel it, or even know that it's there.The plan and simple truth is that We Are Constantly Surrounded by Love, Abundance, Peace, etc. Support it is Always there. The only thing that changes is our capacity and our willingness to receive it.Falling in Love can be easy. It can be scary. It can come on fast and furious, and may not seem like there is even choice or free will involved. It can definitely be a force to be reckoned with.Staying in love is different. Staying in Love requires contemplation, and careful thought. It is the steadiness that comes after a storm. It is about building something. It is about wanting to build something. It is about wanting to be willing to 'do the work', because relationships can be 'work' especially relationships that stretch you to grow beyond the boundaries of 'who you think you are'. They are a continual co-creation with the 'other'. Whether it's building the trust and respect that is the necessary foundation for any long-term relationship, or simply building the desire to do so. Staying in Love requires patience compassion, selflessness, and courage as well. Lots of courage.For me, my absolute favourite part of the whole movie was Liz's realization at the end:'In the end, I’ve come to believe in something I call the ‘physics of the quest’, a force in nature governed by the laws of gravity. The rules of quest physics goes something like this: If you’re brave enough to leave behind everything familiar and comforting and set out on a truth seeking journey either internally or externally, and if you are truly willing to regard everything that happens to you on that journey as a clue and if you accept everyone you meet along the way as a teacher and if you are prepared most of all to face and forgive some of the most difficult realities about yourself, then the truth will not be witheld from you.'Well said and I couldn't agree more!I'm really enjoying my quest!If Bali resonates with you and you wish to learn all 3 levels of Akashic Record Training, email me for details.Until next time, enjoy your quest!

xo Kerri

Goodbye Dear Earth Angel


I had sad sad news this morning and it has stayed with me all day. I learned that a dear, sweet student of mine went 'home'. She suddenly and swiftly crossed over. She left this life to continue her work unlimited from the body.I have mixed feelings. I am in total grief for the dear loved ones she has left behind- her young daughter and husband and mother. So unfair. So heartbreaking. And yet after sending Reiki on and off all day to her family, and to the situation, and to her where ever she now is,  I feel o.k. It's as though she is saying. "It's o.k. I'm free. I'm limitless. I'm peace. I'm joy. I'm home" I know she wouldn't want me to sit and cry about her not being here. I know she is o.k. and trust this was her soul's purpose and it was her 'time' to go. She was always light years ahead of everyone else when she was on the planet, so why would that be any different now?But honestly it seems as though people are leaving the earth left right and centre lately. I don't think it's because I am getting older. The people leaving have been younger than me, or my age.And this baffles me because it was not that many years ago my own doctors were telling me really bad news. I stubbornly (me? stubborn? never!) flat out refused what they said and got on with the business of getting well. I never once thought I was going anywhere. Ever. Now, after witnessing other women come and go, who have gone through something very similar to what I went through, I am humbled by the miracle my life is. Part of me feels in a way that I am unworthy, that I slipped through the cracks, or tricked fate somehow. Each time another earth angel crosses over, it has me contemplating my mortality. Why am I still here? Really? Honestly sometimes I'm not entirely sure.But one thing I can tell you is that this has made me very present and more grateful. I am going to to my best to make the Most of my life and LIVE it! I generally try and do that anyways, but I'm ramping it up. No more excuses! For anything!I hope all of you do as well. Please if you get anything from my middle of the nightrambling~ Hold your loved ones closer, actually Tell them how you feel. Be honest. Be loving. Be kind.Love yourself enough to let go of those relationships that are done, so you and the other person can be free to find authentic love. Stop wasting your time and life in misery.Let go of All your Fears.Get out of that job you hate-but love to complain about-and actually make change in your life.Stop waiting. Stop delaying. Stop making excuses and Just Do it!Go on that trip.Plan for your future. But never to the expense of not living your Now.Our time here is limited. That is certain. And we are not always in control of how things shake out, but How You Choose to Live Your Life is Always 100% Entirely Up to You!I hope you make the most of it.I am going to. That is how I am going to get over this loss. I am going to live my life Fully. I know that is what she would want me to do. What she would want all of us to do. The girl was Pure Joy when she was here. She lit up a room. She is going to be one Amazing Angel.And I will see her again someday. And when I do I am going to have some incredible stories to tell her.But not yetNo, not yet.xo Kerri 



Do not look for me and weep,

I am not there; I do not sleep.

I am a thousand winds that blow,

I am the diamond glints on snow,

I am the sunlight on ripened grain,

I am the gentle autumn rain.

When you awaken in the morning’s hush

I am the swift uplifting rush

Of quiet birds in circled flight.

I am the soft stars that shine at night.

Do not think of me and cry,

I am not gone; I did not die.

I Don't Believe In Miracles ~ I Expect Them


miraclesSeveral years ago I was invited to speak at an event. The opening speaker was a native elder and he said something I will never forget.He said,"I don't believe in miracles I expect them."I was more than a bit surprised.What did he mean?What a bold thing to say!To 'Expect' miracles!Honestly!But today I realize what he said, it's SO TRUE!When we Trust and Love and Live in the Flow of Life Miracles Abound!When we are Present and Aware and live our lives in a state of Gratitude we soon realize Miracles are Everywhere and are Happening All of The Time!We simply need to take notice, to look and listen and feel what is happening around us.085d4f2a626811e18bb812313804a181_6 I just wanted to share this with all of you. I hope it helps you pause and take notice of the miracles at work in your own life.I now live every day expecting miracles. I welcome and embrace them and am so grateful for them when they arrive.What miracles have you experienced this week?In love & service,Kerri

Change Is Good ~ Embrace Your Mess


chaos-and-change1We just completed the Kundalini Reiki Master Intensive class last Sunday and indeed it was intense. Not in a bad way but in a Big Way. Just because Karen and I teach the class does not mean that we are immune to the shifts of the energy. In fact I believe we get it in a very concentrated way before during and after teaching. It is as though the universe is saying 'Are you ready to ride this frequency? Then buckle up!'I LOVE teaching this incredible modality. I love seeing the changes. It works FAST, it blasts through everything it needs to! To be honest the chaos that this fast pace sometimes creates, I could do without. I do blame myself. I did way too many processes on my house in a short period of time. The kids and I became unwell-as we were processing the changes in our physical body. Not a fun way to process, but things are healing and balancing and re-arranging as a result. Sometimes change in it's initial stages can be messy. I am not a fan of messy. I prefer disorder within some kind of order. But in this case it just got messy fast and I had to surrender and sit in the mess for a few days.Coming out the other side of a 'mess' is much more fun. This morning while teaching yoga I could start to see the clarity, the healing and the new order forming, but I can still see some of the changes I need to make as well.Change is good and change is necessary but lets face it, change can be messy. Does it have to be messy? Not at all. Change can be graceful and beautiful. However, in my experience Big Change (change that affects multiple timelines of reality and many people, places, things, times, and events) can be a bit 'messy'.fear-of-changeWhy am I sharing this? Well I want you to all embrace your 'mess'. Whatever you feel your mess may be. Being in a mess is no time to stick your head in the sand. Look your mess straight in the eye(if it has an eye)(might be more like an eye of a hurricane-lol) and Embrace it, Thank it, Learn from it, Acknowledge it, Love it. That 'mess' in your life is simply your transition through change. Change that you probably 'asked for', change you most certainly needed. Sometimes those sandcastles need to come down to be rebuilt. Better, stronger, healthier.The bigger the 'mess' the bigger the change. So if you find yourself in a big 'mess' know that the change that is coming will be very very big and very transformational. And remember Change is GOOD. Change happens when we 'ask for it'. Don't be frightened of the process. Just breathe, go slowly and trust.xoKerri      

Relay For Life ~ Thank You!


20120620-093506.jpgI would like to extend a Huge Thank You to everyone who supported us in the Relay for Life. We had many supporters through online donations, our spare change jar at the centre, those who donated to & shopped our Garage Sale & those who offered kind words of encouragement. Our team 'Circle of Light Disco Divas' raised just over $4000 for the Canadian Cancer Society. We also won best theme at the event for our disco themed campsite & our team creatively decorated in disco wear. For photos you will have to visit our Facebook page. Last Friday we walked all night until 7am Saturday morning. We laughed, we cried, we danced, we sang, and we celebrated those who had fought and survived, offered support to those still struggling and honoured the memory of those who are no longer with us.It was a beautiful, touching, and inspiring event and I feel truly blessed to have taken part in it and feel especially lucky to have walked (danced around) the track that night many times with my 'soul sisters'. It was really nice to experience the relay in Waterdown with a smaller intimate group of community members. There were live bands and wonderful food & support for the walkers. The next day we were all exhausted but still smiling.Thank you again for your support!Love,The Disco Divas! (aka. Darcie, Pat, Tara, Linda B., Linda A, Maddie, Kim, Desiree, Tara, Jodi, Kendra, Leanna, Sydney, Teresa, Kerri)20120620-093731.jpg

Miracles, Synchronicities, Confirmation

In my life, and in this line of work, I have been witness to many extraordinary things and miracles. Over time it has become commonplace to have one or more of these synchronicities occur throughout my day.

Last summer I met a native elder who expressed " I don't believe in miracles..I expect them." And I feel the same way.

He was endeavouring to explain that the more we listen to our intuition, and the more we are present with our life and present within ourselves, the more we become witness to the wonderful miracle that life is. We expect the miraculous, because it becomes our 'norm'.

Now just because I 'expect' miracles does not mean that they are ever boring, or that I no longer have extreme gratitude for them. In fact quite the opposite is true. They never cease to amaze me. I am humbled by them.

Just the other day I was tidying up after a weekend of beautiful Reiki classes with extraordinary healers and was in a state of extreme gratitude. During this time, my Mom happenned to call me.

During the distance healing part of our Level 2 Reiki class I had been sending some healing energy her way. I thought she may have been calling about that as she sometimes 'feels' distance Reiki. She did say her headache went away at that time, but the reason she was calling was to tell me about a 'strange and wonderful' thing that had happenned around that same time.

My Mom is a very wonderfully creative lady and years ago she was taking a watercolour class during the summer. It was during a time I was facing a very serious illness and she had been worried about me. Her teacher had asked them all to talk about their paintings that day once they had finished. She had described the different elements in her painting and explained that a large yellow light part of her painting represented a circle of light and all of the people that were helping me become well again. she had named the painting Circle of Light. As she told me this story I was overcome...I burst into tears.

She had never told me this story before, and she had since forgotten about the name of the painting. It wasn't until the day she found it again that she realized the significance. My business is named Circle of Light. I received that name very clearly one day while meditating and it has always been with me. Even when moving to the Waterdown location I contemplated changing or even modifying the name and could not do it..I kept getting the strong message that the name was Circle of Light. So here she was cleaning out her basement in preparation to move and pulling out an old painting that she had named the exact name I had receive for my business.

Was it an accident or co-incidence? I know it was not. Circle of Light is a representation of the circle of light we all have individually..our own personal light as well as the collective healing light we expand into when our energies merge together, when we work together and help one another. This name has had many meanings for me over the years, and it touches my heart and soul that we both received this same message albeit in different ways. It is confirmation to me that in spite of the many challenges I have faced over the years that I am on the right path. The Circle of Light is my thankfullness for the healing I have received coupled with my hope to share this same gift with all who require healing in their life right now.

We all have moments when we question our life path no matter how wonderful it is. Self contemplation is part of our is how we change, grow and evolve. This 'miracle' was a sign to me that no matter what may happen in the future, to hold steady to the dream. I need to do this is who I am...Being of service to others, in whatever capacity they may need me, is my joy and I cannot imagine living any other way.

My wish for everyone reading this is to have your own miracle in the coming days, weeks or months to give you the confirmation you need to make your dreams a reality. Anything IS possible.....We just need to BELIEVE!