Reiki Healing Sessions


Reiki(pronounced Ray-Key) means Universal Life Energy in Japenese. ‘Rei’ refers to the Universal Soul or Spirit and ‘Ki’ refers to Vital Energy. It is a Natural, safe and effective hands on healing technique that helps restore equilibrium to the body’s energy centres(chakras). When these energy centres are operating in balance, the body’s ability to self-heal becomes restored.

What Is Reiki?

Reiki(pronounced Ray-Key) means Universal Life Energy in Japenese. 'Rei' refers to the Universal Soul or Spirit and 'Ki' refers to Vital Energy. It is a Natural, safe and effective hands on healing technique that helps restore equilibrium to the body's energy centres (chakras). When these energy centres are operating in balance, the body's ability to self-heal becomes restored.

I found my whole experience with Kerri to be Loving and Kind. This was my second Reiki session and I was apprehensive as my first experience with Reiki with another practitioner years ago was not all positive. Kerri spoke with me before the session and dissolved any fears that I had. After the session, I felt lighter, refreshed, freer and happier. I highly recommend a Reiki session with Kerri for anyone looking for healing or balance in their lives.
— Jasmine

It is a Gentle Therapy Suitable For Anyone, Especially If:

  • You are constantly experiencing stress, sickness, fatigue, anxiety, pain fear or guilt.

  • You want to free yourself from habits that no longer serve you.

  • You want a more effective way to maintain your health and prevent disease.

  • You are feeling depressed, lost, or stuck, lacking fufillment and creativity.

  • You want something to complement your healing and help with the side effects of treatment.

  • You want to better understand your life purpose and direction with more clarity.

  • You know the old ways are not working and you want to try something new

In Person Reiki Sessions

In Person Reiki sessions take place at our office in Burlington Ontario. You can book by clicking the button below.

Distance Reiki Sessions

For Distance Reiki Sessions please choose session length and prepay via paypal below. Then Email us below to set up a date and time. In the email please let me know if there is any particular area or issue you would like me to focus on. I usually send distance Reiki in the evening, and then follow up via Skype, whatsapp or phone within 3 days after the session.

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Reiki Packages

A single session of Reiki can be very healing, but to receive the most benefit we recommend 3 sessions booked within a 6 week period. For those who would like to commit to more than one session, we offer bundled sessions at a discount. They require pre-payment but they never expire. You can use the bundled sessions for in person or distance sessions. Just choose the bundle you prefer and pay via paypal. Then book your in person session HERE or EMAIL HERE to set up your distance session.

Reiki Package Options
Working with Kerri is like reconnecting with an old friend. She is so knowledgeable, skillful, and a master of many therapies. It is always a rewarding experience working with her.
— Christine Fletcher Henson

What Can I Expect During a Session?

During a session the practitioner places their hands lightly over parts of the body and focuses specifically on the main energy centres located over major organs in the body(chakras). This universal light energy travels through the practitioner and through the hands to the clients body. Some people feel this energy as heat, or a tingling sensation, or nothing at all. The reiki energy is safe and effective. The client will only take in as much healing energy as she or he needs at that time. After a session the energy continues to travel throughout the body to go where it is needed. Many people feel deeply relaxed after a treatment..many fall asleep or go into a deep relaxed state during a session. People often feel lighter as though a great weight has been lifted. Reiki is very effective at clearing out old energy and emotions. We carry everything we experience in our bodies(Spiritual, Emotional Mental and Physical) If we have unresolved emotions or issues over time these can manifest in the physical body as an illness. By keeping the energy field clear of blockages and balanced we can achieve renewed health and a more joyful way of being.

Reiki is For Everyone

Anyone can learn Reiki. You just need the desire to do so. It is a wonderful tool to have to self-heal and to help friends and family members also. I think of it as 'first aid on the go'. You can reiki people, plants, pets. It is gentle enough to use on infants and the elderly or those who are frail and sick. It is a great substitute for those who cannot have the body manipulation present in massage or other forms of healing. Children respond remarkably well to reiki. I wish I had been attuned to reiki before giving birth to my own children. It helps alleviate the pain of labour and delivery and can soothe a crying baby. This sounds too good to be true. Why doesn't everyone have reiki? Exactly! This is why I teach it. When you have a tool you can use to help in your own healing it is self empowering. It does not interfere with medications, medical disorders, other forms of treatment. It is not a substitute for a medical diagnosis but it can certainly help you heal a lot faster and with a lot less pain.

I teach Reiki Classes on an ongoing basis. They are usually on weekends. You can see a list of upcoming classes HERE