Shamanic Journey Classes


This is a 3 part series that will teach you the art of shamanic journeying. After completing the entire program you be very adept and confident at travelling through the different 'worlds' in non-ordinary reality, and be able to access them for healing and empowerment. You will meet and strengthen your connection with your power animal(s) and other guides and teachers. An understanding of energy or experience working with energy is recommended before taking this class.

About the Classes


You will receive a class manual and a certificate upon class completion. All 3 classes are a requirement for the Soul Retrieval Class.

We will meet once a week for 4 weeks. We will journey together each week and then you will have journeys to complete (during the week on your own) before we meet again. This is a cumulative teaching where each week builds upon the next. To get the most benefit and personal transformation from this class, we ask that you commit to the full 4 weeks and try your best to complete the weekly exercises. These will consist of 2-3 journeys a week. A journey can be 30min-1 hour.

The focus of this program is to get you comfortable and confident in journeying (in many worlds) for your personal benefit. To assist in healing, evolving, shifting, opening up to your gifts, and communing with the natural world, and spirit in a deeper way. North American Traditions and South American teachings will be touched upon as well.

We will be connecting with Spirits, Power Animals, Angels and Guides. We will be learning how to use the journey process to apply it to our everyday lives to facilitate 'best choices' and 'best action'. We will be reconnecting to the natural world around us, and opening up to our spiritual potential. We will move through any challenges, and open up to many gifts.

You do not need to commit to all 3 modules of this program. Each world is taught as a stand alone class. If you want to learn to journey well in all 3 levels of non-ordinary reality then we recommend you take all 3 classes. All 3 classes are a pre-requisite for the Soul Retrieval Class.

If you are interested in trying journeying and prefer a 'drop in' approach then check out our Practical Intuition Group HERE

I highly recommend this class to anyone who is interested in learning to journey to other worlds, to those interested in meeting their power animal, or those wishing to know their power animal better. There is so much to learn from these journeys and the connections made there. It’s interesting, exciting, magical and empowering to learn we have journeying as a source of wisdom which is so accessible to all of us. Thank you Kerri for your wisdom, humour and natural teaching abilities.
— Tara

16 Weeks of Transformation, Evolution & Freedom


Some of The Topics Covered
Part 1 ~ The Lower World

Sacred Space & Preparations For the Journey
Exploring The Lowerworld
Meeting Guardian Spirits & Power Animals
Part 2 ~ The Upper World
Exploring the Upperworld & Connecting With Wise Spirits
Exploring The Future & Time Travel
Creating Rituals & Symbols
Exploring The Light, The Source, The Void
Part 3 ~ The Middle World
Exploring Nature & Middle World
Anchoring Your Centre/Axis, Medicine Wheel
Tree of Life, Soul Exploration
Creation, Creative Power, Seeding Destiny, Embracing Freedom

Class Details

Evenings TBA 7-9:00pm
Each series contains journeys for one of the 3 worlds and runs for 4 consecutive weeks.
Dates: For Dates & Times go to our
Cost: $195/per module (or $175
if you register early with a deposit of $110+HST) There is very limited space in this program so please register early.

Temple of Wiracocha (Temple of the God) in Raqchi, Peru

Temple of Wiracocha (Temple of the God) in Raqchi, Peru

About Your Teacher

Kerri has trained with shamans from all over the world for many years. She is an experienced traveller in non-ordinary reality, is a professional channeller, intuitive and medium, and has a deep connection to nature. She has been working with healing energy all of her life and professionally for over 16 years. She has taught hundreds of students classes in Reiki and the Intuitive & Healing Arts. She has been hearing the 'call' from spirit for quite some time to offer these teachings. This program is her heart calling at this time. She also takes groups on annual sacred journeys worldwide. You can learn more about Kerri HERE