Yoga Classes


About Your Teacher

Kerri Fargo is a graduate of the De La Sol teacher training program and Yoga Rocks Kids training.
She is enthusiastic about yoga and it’s ability to bring harmony and balance to the body. She has experienced firsthand the ability of yoga to heal and transform physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of self.
It is her heartfelt desire to share her love of yoga and encourage others to commit to a consistent practice because that’s where the real magic happens.
In her classes, she loves to combine challenge with nurturing, movement with stillness, laughter with introspection, coupled with a healthy dose of inspiration.
Her wish is for everyone to step off their mat feeling energized, refreshed, balanced, lighthearted, and ready to take on the day.


Current Yoga Classes

Kerri teaches weekly Hot Reiki Flow Classes at De la Sol in Hamilton.

She is also available to teach yoga at your location or is available for private yoga classes.