Are You 'Wearing' Your Illness?


Please do not ever wear your illness.What does that even mean?maskI've noticed lately how we introduce ourselves has changed over the years. It used to be career or family or relationships that people identified with.Now people seem to introduce themselves with their illnesses or limitations. Whether its physical, mental, or emotional. At first I thought this was just happening to me. Once people realized I was a holistic practitioner, they would then proceed to share their medical history. But then it happened again the other day, with a person had never met me before, and did not know what I did for a living and it got me thinking. What is going on out there in the world that we feel the need to disclose personal health information with people we just meet? Is it that we are just more aware of our bodies? Or has social media created a world in which people interacting with one another feel the need to share Everything.While I celebrate our new found awareness that we are more aware of what's going on in our body, I do question if it's healthy to identify the Who in the 'Who We Are' with those things so thoroughly.Identifying with our illness solidifies it. It becomes part of the  personality, and as a result becomes locked into the mind. In truth the mind is fluid. Things in the body are in constant change and flux. Some parts of the body actually change moment to moment. If you are going to grab onto a belief and identify yourself with it, please make it a positive one, a hopeful one. And don't use illness as an excuse for why you do not participate in life.(More on that Here)I would love for people to introduce themselves and share their dreams and goals. If they have to talk about their illnesses, to speak of them in fleeting transitory terms like 'You may have noticed I'm currently facing the challenge of (such and such) though it may be clearly visible to you, I want you to know I'm not letting this current situation define my life. I'm working with it to heal and balance it the best I can. And though you may see this about me first I want you to know that I am (this this and this) as a person. That's Who I Am.'I find people born with physical disabilities or have to deal with ones on a daily basis that are hard to miss are the first ones to Not define themselves by it. They do not want to. My father in law was in a wheelchair most of his life and he rarely if ever spoke of it. He was obviously in the chair. But he spoke of other things. He never let it stop him. He was still a scout leader. He invented a contraption to help him hang his  basement  drop ceiling. He swam, scuba dived, and could fix anything. Sure he almost injured himself a million different other ways doing some of these things but he LIVED life. He Never let his disability undermine his ability.I find people today use their (insert everything from ADHD to gluten allergy to back pain) to define them and prevent them from not only acknowledging their abilitie,s but in living their lives. When a group of unwell people are talking it can become almost a contest. No longer do people talk of jobs, cars, houses, or neighborhoods to brag of social status.(thank goodness) But they will list off all manner of illnesses and problems and the winner is the person with the most things wrong with them. They win the sympathy of the group. I'm just waiting for the day when those letters that some people send in lieu of Christmas cards do not tell you about that families trips or children's accomplishments, etc. but instead will list personal ailments. Or when those cute cartoon stick people families on the back of cars morph to have symbols representing everyones 'conditions'.Why am I even blogging about this? Who cares you say? Why not let everyone introduce themselves with their illness and limitations forevermore?tumblr_mb0opdb9UR1r4wd1ko1_500Because WHAT WE SAY MATTERS.Our Thoughts over time actually Become Matter.Please please before you speak, consider that you are ordering from that vast soup of potential-the quantum field. To say something out loud means you have had to think it for a very long time and The Thought is What Creates Your Reality.Believe me, I know illness is out there. I know some of us will face horrendous challenges and heartache in our lives. And that's hard.But if it happens to you, please do not let that illness, imbalance, or terrible life event claim and take over your mind. Keep your mind a sanctuary of peace and allow those other things to morph and change and heal and balance. And if they cannot or will not and they are life long please do not let them define or limit you. Leave a space in your mind that is hopeful, that will create a space for healing. Find a way to Live your Life and your Dreams despite your circumstance. You owe yourself that much.May you all have joy, love and perfect radiant health!Always,Kerri

What You 'Want' You Will Never Have


 216253_257762594363681_166107679_nThat above statement is not only true it is the law of attraction at work.What you 'want' you will never have because you are in the act of wanting it.The very act of wanting pushes it away.Do you really really Want something?Then Stop Wanting it and start BEING it.This applies to everything. abundance, health, relationships, career, family, etc.Wanting keeps you waiting. It keeps you a victim in your own life.Life is too short to waste time by not living it 100%.The fastest way to create something new in your life is to Stop Wanting It and start BECOMING it.How do you do that?1. Take action. What action would you be taking if that thing you wanted was already in your life?2. Have a plan. Have a few steps you can take forwards. You do not need to see the whole staircase remember? Just the first few steps.532827_399472243423927_1846582281_n-300x1873. End victimization. Throw your excuses and 'poor me' out in the trash where they belong. As long as you are seeing yourself as a victim of circumstance you will never take constructive action towards your future.4. Own it. Be ok with being that what you want. Don't judge your dreams. If your dreams come true it is not at the expense of anyone else. You are not stealing anyone else dreams or joy. There is enough love & abundance in the world for everyone, and thankfully we all have our own unique dreams.butterfly5. Remove fear. The # 1 stumbling block of anything is Fear. Self doubt is fear with a different name-they are essentially one and the same thing. You want this remember? You don't have the time & energy to waste on being afraid of it. Take action-even baby steps forward will alleviate fear.6. Be flexible. It's ok to change your mind. That thing you want? As you get closer to it if you realize you don't want it after all and just thought you did- that's ok. Nothing is wasted. At least you have realized that now and not later. So scratch that dream off the list and replace it with something you feel you truly want.428484_389674277813350_617499788_nNow go out there and do it! 

2013 ~ A Time For New Beginnings & To Create


2013Well it's past the New Year and I am still working on a newsletter. It's getting a bit late to talk about the new year now isn't it? It has sort of come and gone. I took an extended vacation and one of my resolutions for this year was to better juggle all of my commitments. My work, my family, etc. And I love it all, so it makes it harder to juggle when you love everything you are doing. Looks like the newsletter has fallen into the delayed pile along with the Christmas cards that did not make it out this year.(don't worry, the newsletter is coming, it's just taking longer to create it than I thought) If anyone learns to stop time-call me-I'm interested. : )I like to spend the time leading up to a New Year and just after to take some time for self reflection, soul searching, a 'check in' with myself, with spirit and with everything. I contemplate. Not so much to make 'resolutions', but I more or less to make observations about the past year. I then I leave everything behind I no longer need, and take the wisdom of things I learned from the past year to help me make enlightened goals and choices about the coming year.axiatonalDuring this reflection time, one of the things I realized I was learning in  2012 was that I am just one person. I ended up getting sick a couple of times. This is rare for me to have my body just refuse to come along for the ride. It rebelled and I had to take time off to get back into balance. This was a direct result from doing too much and not getting enough down time. So this year I decided would be about balance for me, and completion.Completion?Completion of a dream 5 years in the making. The renovation of the centre to create more space for classes. It will be a positive thing for everyone, and I'm so so incredibly excited(I'm jumping up and down on the inside-can you see it?!) and cannot wait and am more than a little impatient. It has been a vision in my mind for years now, but it's still not physically here. Sometimes things we are trying to create take time. It is not on Our time but on Divine time that they are made manifest. I remind students and clients of this 'divine timing' often so it was funny that I found myself needing to take my own advice.The mind is powerful and this time of year everyone-or almost everyone is thinking about their brand new year. It is a fresh start for many, but much more than that because so many of us are reflecting on this and putting our energy on this, it actually creates a frequency out there in the world that supports change. This is the best time to make a change, switch up a habit, let something/someone go because it is 'energetically' supported.Keep in mind that when you do let something go, you create a vacuum that needs to be filled and it can be filled unconsciously or consciously. I am always a fan of taking part in choosing my reality rather than taking whatever is thrown my way. In order to do that you need to have something to take the place of the old thing you are letting go of. You need to CREATE. Whether that creation is a dream, goals, or an image you have in your mind that represents your ideal future, it does not matter. The important thing is to take a few moments to do it.The universe is a vast soup of potential that wants to give us what we need but cannot do that is we are not being clear. Creating helps you get clear, even if you have no idea what you want. The very act of starting the process, helps things to come into alignment.Below are some tips to help you Create. Feel free to use them as a starting point to inspire you on dreaming up a beautiful future for yourself in 2013. And Think Big! Because after all, we survived the end of the Mayan calendar (and the 'end of the world'), what can't we do?If you need help honing your focus on CREATING, we have an upcoming Practical Intuition event later this month to help you do just that. The group energy of Excitement for the New Fabulous Year will help propel you forward if you are having difficulty getting there on your own. More details are HERE


It's Time To Create Your Year!

Decide How it will be and Make it So!

Declare it!

Keep is Short and Simple and

Take Action to Make it Happen.


I've broken it down into 6 easy steps that you can remember as they spell the word that is the most important part-Create!

C-Get Clear

Unless you have a clear vision or clear goals you will only create chaos and confusion for yourself

R-Keep it Real

Start with realistic goals. I am all for setting your sights high, but do not set yourself up to fail. Take baby steps until you feel momentum beginning, then ramp it up.

E-Enthusiasm is a Must

If you are not excited about your life and dreams and goals no one else is going to be either. If you are not excited, then you are not in alignment with your soul and hearts desire and it's time to rethink your goals


Many people get stuck here. Yes you need a plan. But you are also required to get up and put it into action. No one is going to serve you life on a platter. Go out and get it!


Timing is everything. If the timing is off, well the whole thing can unravel. But if you are going to let that stop you then you did not really want it in the first place. Persistance pays off. Always.

E-Enjoy The Process

Have FUN! If you are not having fun, something is missing and you need to go back to the drawing board.

(If you are going to share the above process, please do so with integrity and give credit-this process created by and copyright © Kerri Fargo)

 It is going to be a Beautiful Year! I am very excited about 2013 and I hope you are too!


Create Yourself A Beautiful New Year

Wishing everyone a Happy Bright Blessed Beginning to the New Year that we are heading into.As the saying goes, 'With every ending comes a New Beginning.'During this time of year many people choose take stock of the last year, evaluate it in a way. This is a normal 'New Year' thing to do. Many of us do this,and if this is our yearly routine we may find it helpful.This New Year, I encourage you to join me in doing something different. If you feel the need to re-evaluate your past year, do it quickly. Do not to spend too much time there. If your past year has been challenging, while viewing your past, try to do it from a detached observer perspective without going too much emotionally into the old.Instead choose to bring the wisdom forward with the understanding you gleaned from your past experiences, as this is very important.As the energies and frequency of the planet and all of life, continues to increase, our thoughts are becoming reality faster and faster.I encourage you to Enter This New Year Consciously. Let the past go, without judgement. Bless yourself that you are here to witness the turning of the year and to Celebrate all of the Wonderful Opportunities that are Coming Your Way!It is far better to go into the New Year fresh rather than dragging the old into it with you. Spending too much time evaluating what worked well and what did not in the year just past makes it too easy for the human mind to focus on any loss and pain that may have been experienced.If you have had a difficult year, do allow yourself acknowledge any feelings of loss, grief, struggle, anger, or any negative experiences or feelings you may have experienced and Then  Re-Work how you think and feel about them.Write down positive statements for yourself about what you *DO* want starting NOW! And shift your focus from the past to Your Future! The one YOU are Creating!Please remember that What you Continue to Focus Upon, you will Absolutely and Continually Manifest in Your Life.Focus on starting your new year with Optimism and with Clear intentions in your Mind and in your Heart for  what will make you Happy and Joyful in your life.The past is complete. There is no need to live there in your mind. Instead you are being asked to Create Your Future!We will be having an event at Practical Intuition later this month to help you do just that. The group energy of Excitement for the New Fabulous Year will help propel you forward if you are having difficulty getting there on your own.More details are HEREIf you had positive experiences this past year, be Happy about them, be Thankful and Grateful. Make the most of  this Beautiful, forward moving, New Year Energy to focus on what New & Wonderful experiences you want to have in the coming year starting NOW!I wish For You A Joyous, Fulfulling, New Year with Wonderful Experiences just waiting to Manifest for you in this Year to Come!Let's Rock It Out In 2012!!!Much Love and Bright Blessings To You All!