Change Is Good ~ Embrace Your Mess


chaos-and-change1We just completed the Kundalini Reiki Master Intensive class last Sunday and indeed it was intense. Not in a bad way but in a Big Way. Just because Karen and I teach the class does not mean that we are immune to the shifts of the energy. In fact I believe we get it in a very concentrated way before during and after teaching. It is as though the universe is saying 'Are you ready to ride this frequency? Then buckle up!'I LOVE teaching this incredible modality. I love seeing the changes. It works FAST, it blasts through everything it needs to! To be honest the chaos that this fast pace sometimes creates, I could do without. I do blame myself. I did way too many processes on my house in a short period of time. The kids and I became unwell-as we were processing the changes in our physical body. Not a fun way to process, but things are healing and balancing and re-arranging as a result. Sometimes change in it's initial stages can be messy. I am not a fan of messy. I prefer disorder within some kind of order. But in this case it just got messy fast and I had to surrender and sit in the mess for a few days.Coming out the other side of a 'mess' is much more fun. This morning while teaching yoga I could start to see the clarity, the healing and the new order forming, but I can still see some of the changes I need to make as well.Change is good and change is necessary but lets face it, change can be messy. Does it have to be messy? Not at all. Change can be graceful and beautiful. However, in my experience Big Change (change that affects multiple timelines of reality and many people, places, things, times, and events) can be a bit 'messy'.fear-of-changeWhy am I sharing this? Well I want you to all embrace your 'mess'. Whatever you feel your mess may be. Being in a mess is no time to stick your head in the sand. Look your mess straight in the eye(if it has an eye)(might be more like an eye of a hurricane-lol) and Embrace it, Thank it, Learn from it, Acknowledge it, Love it. That 'mess' in your life is simply your transition through change. Change that you probably 'asked for', change you most certainly needed. Sometimes those sandcastles need to come down to be rebuilt. Better, stronger, healthier.The bigger the 'mess' the bigger the change. So if you find yourself in a big 'mess' know that the change that is coming will be very very big and very transformational. And remember Change is GOOD. Change happens when we 'ask for it'. Don't be frightened of the process. Just breathe, go slowly and trust.xoKerri