My Story

From the beginning…

Just so you know, my life has not always been sunshine and roses.

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE my life, especially now that I have embraced fully who I am, and fearlessly Live My Dreams.

But I did not end up in this place overnight. Prior to this I had to go through some rather large challenges. And I had to do the ‘work’. And although many people feel being intuitive is a ‘gift’, it took me a few years before I could embrace and accept that part of myself. It also took me a while to be comfortable in my own skin.

I also apparently did not like my picture being taken while I was in a bikini.(that’s me on the left)

My sister and I in our favourite (smiley face) pool

My sister and I in our favourite (smiley face) pool

My story is about a girl who tried to ignore her differences and gifts instead of embracing them. As a child, no one wants to be ‘different’.
I was a ‘sensitive’ intuitive child labelled as shy because my comfort zone was to hold back and energetically ‘read’ a situation before jumping in.
I Felt Everything. Other people’s moods, thoughts, feelings and sometimes even their physical pain.
I enjoyed running and playing outside because being in nature gave me a break from the onslaught of extrasensory information.
I spent most of my teen and early adult years trying to just be a ‘normal’ teenager and shut it off. While in an art program in university,  my intuition surged full force again and it became harder to shut it down. I Felt Everything. That was a difficult time for me. Having children made it stronger, and then while healing from a major illness

I finally realized the truth of my situation. I would never become 100% well, until I could truly embrace and learn to work with who I really was.

Wow that was a huge epiphany for me and a very powerful realization. I finally understood the reason I had become so unwell in the first place. It was a direct result from years of shutting off and shutting down who I really was. This had completely depleted my life force energy, to the point where I almost died from it. It was like running on 50% battery power for years and years.

I reached a turning point in my life when I learned Reiki. This beautiful gentle and powerful therapy enabled me to fully open to my intuition in a safe and loving way and I found the courage to finally learn to embrace it.

That is why today (even though I am trained in a so many modalities and have a tonne of experience in the holistic field) I always come back to Reiki. I am so passionate about teaching and sharing Reiki with the world. I have seen it do incredible and miraculous things. I tend to attract clients and students who are struggling with the very things I can help them with. I often work with people going through a spiritual awakening(or nervous breakdowns-they can feel like the same thing-lol) But seriously. I LOVE what I do and am so GRATEFUL every day.

This was a process that has taken many years. I am now able to turn my intuition up to high or down to low depending on the situation. I can’t seem to ever  turn it off though.
People say intuition is a gift-and it is but it can also be difficult as well-especially for people who are empathic (feel everything) as I am.
I’m not complaining, my journey has given me many things, experience, wisdom, challenges and courage, and I would not change a single thing.Now I help others, not only in the capacity of a healer, but as a guide to help them learn to connect with and manage their intuition.

I help people understand, embrace and trust their intuition, and more importantly, open up to the beauty of who they truly are. I LOVE witnessing when someone finally ‘gets it’ when they realize they are not alone on their journey, when they finally connect to their inner greatness, and when they embrace the incredible being that they are. Nothing beats the experience of being a witness to that miracle. Nothing!

In my own life, I have learned to trust my inner guidance system so much that today I pretty much go with the flow of what I sense and feel instead of fighting or ignoring it. Many years ago I purchased two stone words Peace and Joy. I hung them up on my wall because I wanted those things in my life. I felt I did not have Peace or Joy and I was not sure even where to begin to bring them into my life. I had happiness, I had friends, and a wonderful family. But that inner peace eluded me. And joy seemed to be so fleeting. I wanted, not only have peace and joy, I wanted to Know them. I wanted to Become them.
That was my first step, and I wasn’t even aware at that time that I was taking a step. I finally knew what I wanted, and I did that only by recognizing what I did not have. The first step I took towards making that change was hanging those words up to remind me each and every day ‘Girl, this is what you are going for. Above all else. This is it!’

Today I can honestly say for the most part I do have peace and joy in my life. I have other words on my wall now though. And they change and evolve as I do.

If you are reading this and thinking to yourself that you would like some Peace and Joy in your life, or something else that is just as important to you as Peace and Joy was to me, I’m here to tell you it is possible!

I don’t care where you are coming from or how impossible you feel it is. You do not even need to be there now, you don’t even need to know how to get there. But you do have to want it. You have to want it more than anything else in this world. You have to want it enough to be willing to change, to be willing to not have all the answers, to be vulnerable, to learn, to grow.  You have to want it with all levels of your being.
You have to, because it is some hard work that is going to get you there, but there are laughs too, and beautiful loving people along the way, and heartache and joy. As long as you can keep your eye on the prize, have a sense of humour and surround yourself with people who love and support you, you can do Anything!
I believe in you!
Kerri (aka Reiki Girl)


You are still here? You are still reading? That takes dedication. Well then I am going to throw some more things in here just for you!

More (some are weird) things you never knew about me:

*I have a crystal addiction, I collect rocks, crystals, gemstones. I always have, ever since I was a wee thing. I tell myself I collect them and not hoard them…but it is a fine line sometimes

*I love spicy food. In fact I enjoy eating extra hot horseradish by the spoonful. I know that’s weird. But if your eyes water and you lose your breath and your entire head goes numb, that is a good thing

Macchu Picchu ~ Peru!

Macchu Picchu ~ Peru!

*I like to challenge myself to move through my fears, whether that means I face my fear of enclosed spaces by doing a labyrinth blindfolded with 1200 others in a bonecrushing session, or rock climbing my way through a fear of heights, or taking on a rather large renovation project to improve the space at the centre. I have not gone swimming with sharks yet though. : )

*I Love to travel. I want to visit India, Egypt and French Polynesian Islands someday. I loved my time in the Amazon jungle, and could have easily lived that simple life happily to the end of my days.

Tobermory Hike with my Awesome boys

Tobermory Hike with my Awesome boys

*I have 3 boys (now they are young men and are all taller than me!). They are so amazing, and as they get older I find myself feeling more and more in awe of them. I can’t believe I had anything to do with them even arriving on the planet. It is one crazy miracle. They humble me. I am so lucky to be their mother. They are all away at university & college now and I miss them so much. I got myself a cat. I needed lots of cuddling to cope with the empty nest.

*Not a lot upsets me but my true pet peeves are: judgemental people(especially when they judge from the sidelines and have never even experienced that which they judge), people not acting in Integrity ~ I realize I am not the ‘Reiki’ police, but I have heard some downright horrifying tales that make me think some certain people need a spanking. Last but not least, gossip, mean-ness, cruelty, fake-ness, and dishonesty, are all things that make me crazy. So please do not do any of those things around me and we will get along just fine.

With the Beautiful Circle of Light Disco Divas~ at the Relay for Life

With the Beautiful Circle of Light Disco Divas~ at the Relay for Life

*I’m silly. And I do not take myself seriously at all. If you are looking for a grave faced serious healer or intuitive-that is NOT me. I truly believe the greatest of things are Always achieved with a light heart. I also KNOW my gifts are not mine. I am simply able to connect to help others. It’s not my power. I’m not special. I live my life humbly and gratefully. When people meet me they are often surprised that (as a business owner), I’m not more grown up, and serious. Or that I do not throw my big powerful energy around. I find it amusing. Real power is gentle. Not many people ‘get’ that.

*I truly value a sense of humour, it has gotten me through some pretty rough times. I think it may be the most important thing about a person. That and love and compassion.

*I trust people, even the un-trustable ones, to a fault sometimes, and I have been burned a few times but I don’t care, I will still do it. I’m wired a bit backwards. I tend to see the soul beauty of someone first rather than their personality. Unfortunately I see their soul potential and look only at that while sometimes having to deal with their ‘personality’ which can be a challenge, but someone has to reflect back the them the greatness they are on the inside or how will they ever see it? As a result I find being around children and animals a bit easier sometimes as they are who they say they are and do what they say they do and are honest. I find that refreshing in a world where adults can sometimes behave badly out of fear or insecurity.

My Dear Grandfather

My Dear Grandfather

*The person I admire the most-in being an example for me on how to live -is my late Grandfather. He was funny, creative, a visionary, and he really loved and cared about people and tried to make the world a better place while he was here. He was passionate about his beliefs and not afraid to share them. He put others first and encouraged everyone to find their own greatness. He encouraged, he listened, and he loved. He had a wild sense of humour and involved my sister and I in more than a few pranks. If I can even be just a little bit like him in my lifetime I will consider that to be a very good thing. I still miss him terribly, and wish my children had been able  to experience his kind soul.

*I need to be creative. It fuels me and is my love. I have never ending ideas. Sometimes I get ideas that ‘come to me’ for amazing things but there is never enough time to do them all. I try. : ) I love brainstorming with others and helping them find their ‘thing’. Whether it’s to help them develop their intuition, or an idea to help get them going. I Love to see others succeed. It makes me happy. In addition to being a holistic practitioner I also make soap and bath and bodycare products. I have an art background. My pottery wheel, clay and kiln collect dust in my basement. One day I will resurrect them when I have time (or clone myself-whatever comes first!)

Harry Potter Love!

Harry Potter Love!

*I loved all of the Harry Potter books and movies. When I’m in a bad mood my kids suggest that I watch one of them because they cheer me right up. Mood medicine. Are you kidding??! I would love to go to a school where you could ride a broomstick and make potions! When I finally got to experience Universal Studio’s rendition of Hogsmeade it actually made me cry with joy-I’m not kidding-I had tears under my sunglasses-I know-I’m a total geek.

*I’m more comfortable in non-ordinary reality than this one. I love to ‘journey’, I connecting to spirit, but I also love being here ~ I love the earth, I love all of my brothers and sisters on the earth.

*I recharge in solitude and silence and prefer a hike or to camp in a remote area to fill my soul rather than a spa day. Sometimes I need to hermit away to find my centre and to connect to spirit in a deeper way. I’m very happy in nature. I secretly want to live in a yurt off the grid in the middle of the woods.

*I’m an eternal optimist, unless I’m grumpy, in which case feed me chocolate and let me watch Harry Potter and check in later.

Love Truly Does Heal EVERYTHING!

Love Truly Does Heal EVERYTHING!

*I have great friends! And I am so grateful for them. : ) You know who you are!!!

*I KNOW Love heals all things. I don’t believe that. I KNOW THAT! And even though I know that ~ deep down in the core of my being~ I also recognize that we are all human and loving everyone and everything can sometimes be a challenge, but believe me when I tell you it is So Worth It!

O.k. that’s enough for now. Want to really know me? That takes a few days and you will need to come on a Circle of Light Sacred Journey for that!