Angel Card Reading


This appointment connects you to your Angels using a variety of Angel Card decks to give you guidance for your highest good and highest healing.The Angel Cards are a tool to bring insight by providing images, key words and the energy of specific Angels. An Angel Card Reading brings you messages directly from the Angels and the loving spirits that are guiding and protecting you. Your own energy connecting with the energy of the cards creates a reading that is uniquely perfect for you. You may come to this appointment with a general “What do I need to know right know?” or with specific questions about certain areas of your journey (love, prosperity, career, etc.) Please bring a notebook if you wish to take notes to remember your session.Our Angels want to be a part of our lives but they need to be invited and asked to assist us. This is a perfect way to start asking so that you may begin to receive their gifts.

An Angel Card Reading Brings You Messages Directly From The Angels And The Loving Spirits That Are Guiding And Protecting You

In Person Sessions

1/2 Hour: $60

45 Minutes: $80

1 Hour Session $110.00

Distance Sessions

For Distance Sessions Please Prepay via Paypal Below

Then EMAIL US to book a date & time for your session and let us know your Skype ID

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