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Island of Sandsøy Norway

Island of Sandsøy Norway


Intuitive Channel, Reiki Master

& Life Alchemist

Our beautiful bodies were designed to self heal. Our environments often take us out of alignment with this natural ability. The Divine Alchemy™ healing process is designed to reconnect us back to source healing energy so that the body can find its way back into this healthy alignment.
— Kerri Fargo

Your Guide & Healer

On top of the Tor in Glastonbury UK

On top of the Tor in Glastonbury UK

Through hands-on high-vibration energy healing combined with intuitive guidance, Kerri uses her Divine Alchemy Healing™ process to help restore balance to the mind, body, emotions and spirit and release stuck energies that have manifested as physical, mental or emotional blocks so that you can find balance, rediscover your joy, and live your best life.

She also offers Reiki, Intuitive Guidance Sessions, Shamanic Healing and many other therapies.

Kerri is an intuitive medium, professional channel and empath with gifts of clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairsentience, clairaudience. She offers readings and healing sessions both in person locally and via distance everywhere.

Kerri Fargo is a gifted healer and teacher who is dedicated to helping people find true happiness in their lives. She inspires people to manifest their dreams into reality! Kerri is a genuinely compassionate human being whose depth of love for her clients is immeasureable!
— Mary-Anne Lightfoot

Find Health, Balance & Wholeness


Energy healing

Choose from Reiki, Axiatonal Re-Alignment, IET®, or Shamanic Healing. All therapies are gentle and available in person or via distance.

Intuitive REadings

Choose from Channeling, Akashic Record Reading, or Angel Card Readings. All intuitive sessions are available in person or via distance.


classes & workshops

Choose from Reiki Certification, Axiatonal Re-Alignment, Aqualead, Intuitive Development, Shamanic Journeying, Yoga & More!

My mission on this planet is to help you reconnect to the beautiful divine empowered being that you are so that you can live your Best life. So that you can be that bright light for others to help them find their way. The key to this is self care. That is why we start with You. We get you into a place of Balance so that you can be your Best self. Once you are in a Balanced state everything else in your life has a tendency to fall into place. You get back into the flow in your life and out of the undertow.
— Kerri Fargo