Axiatonal Re-Alignment

A  Wonderful Calming, Relaxing, Grounding, And Emotionally Balancing Therapy.

Axiatonal Re-Alignment is a wonderful balancing therapy that reduces stress. It is calming, relaxing, grounding, and emotionally balancing. Techniques are performed along acupuncture meridians.
Some Benefits

  • Refreshes, balances, rejuvenates and harmonizes your body.

  • Removes blockages and opens the meridian channels.

  • Balances your chakras and the polarity of your body.

  • Releases and shields negative energy from your energy system.

  • Releases any physical, emotional or spiritual blockages.

  • Become deeply relaxed and have a sense of mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being.

  • Deeper meditation for those who meditate.

  • Eliminate old behavioral patterns in your life.

30 Minutes: $75

Axiatonal Re-Alignment & Reiki Combo

The best of both worlds! Combine a 30 minute Axiatonal Re-Alignment session with a 30 minute Reiki Session, and feel completely relaxed and balanced afterwards.

1 Hour $125

More About This Beneficial Therapy

Axiatonal Re-Alignment helps regenerate and reharmonize our mental, emotional and spiritual energy bodies allowing them to work in harmony with one another. Axiatonal lines are along acupuncture meridians and feed into spin points that lie near the surface of the skin. Spin points are small vortices of energy that regulate the molecules and cells of the body. When they are spinning in an appropriate manner they create a grid for cellular regeneration. When this happens the axiatonal energy is able to recharge the bodies, and clear negative emotional and mental patterns.
This process results in reduced stress, internal calmness, and emotional balance. This is a very relaxing and grounding therapy. It is especially useful for those who feel off balanced or confused about their lives and the direction they are headed. Axiatonal Re-Alignment provides a deeper connection to the authentic self and all of life.

Humans have a field of subtle energy which is often referred to as the auric field, aura or etheric body. This energy is made up of emotional, spiritual and mental particles. We also have Axiatonal lines known as acupuncture or meridian lines, which are energy pathways that supply our physical bodies with vital energy. This energy extends from the ground, into the atmosphere and out into the universe. A few terms for this are the "Cosmic lattice", "Universal grid" and "Living Universe".

What happens during an Axiatonal Re-Alignment Session?

The Axiatonal Re-Alignment Practitioner will systematically move from your head down to your feet, gently "tapping" on specific "spin" points throughout the body, that lay along meridian lines. Then the Axiatonal lines are lightly traced, either on or just above the physical body.
At one time our own Axiatonal lines were connected to the cosmic lattice, however, over time we have become disconnected from these lines. An Axiatonal Re-Alignment treatment consists of a simple and effective energy method that is used on the client. Axiatonal lines are worked on, to correct blockages and imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This method aligns the client to the cosmic lattice.
As in a Reiki treatment, the client lays fully clothed on a treatment table in a warm, relaxing and safe environment. Soothing music is played to aid relaxation. The treatment usually lasts about 30 minutes.
The treatment consists of three parts:
* The first part clears the Axiatonal lines of blocked energy, allowing for the free flow of (chi/prana) energy.
* The second part of the treatment is done to balance the right and left sides of the body and brain.
* The third part of the treatment reconnects you to the cosmic lattice.
Why do we get disconnected?
There are a lot of different reasons why we could get disconnected from our energy field and get unbalanced and out of harmony. Stress, worry, emotional issues, physical injuries or conditions, MRI's, radiation, chemotherapy or surgeries are common reasons.