Client Love

We love our clients and students and consider it a very deep honour and privilege to be able to work with them. We feel humbled, grateful, and blessed that they chose us to be a part of their healing journey, spiritual evolution, and growth.
— Kerri Fargo

Reiki Experiences

“I had asked Kerri to work with my teenage daughter and after her first session I could feel and see an immediate difference in my daughters personality, she was given a great gift from Kerri which is hard to put into words but her treatments work, and my daughter has seen her a second time with more great improvements. Thank you so much Kerri” ~ Karla Robson

“Kerri Fargo is a gifted healer and teacher who is dedicated to helping people find true happiness in their lives. She inspires people to manifest their dreams into reality! Kerri is a genuinely compassionate human being whose depth of love for her clients is immeasureable!” ~ Mary-Anne Lightfoot

“Kerri is a very knowledgeable person in her field. She offers information freely and makes people feel very welcome and supported within her business. Kerri in my opinion is certainly a talented and gifted individual.” ~ Cathy Ditchburn

“Working with Kerri is like reconnecting with an old friend. She is so knowledgeable, skillful, and a master of many therapies. It is always a rewarding experience working with her.” ~ Christine Fletcher Henson

“A few years ago I found myself expanding on my spiritual journey and was drawn to Circle of Light Wellness Centre. Throughout my sessions with Kerri, Sherri & Kim I always found myself leaving the centre with a Paramount level of positive energy, love & awakened senses. Late last year after much meditation I enrolled myself in Usui Reiki, taught under Kerri’s leadership, this has truly been one of the most spiritually connected teachings I have had the pleasure of being a part of. I look forward to the monthly Reiki shares & workshops that the centre holds as it brings us all closer to our personal journey.” Love, Light & Blessings ~ Winnie

“Well if you’ve gotten to this point and are reading testimonials, your already on the right path, following your intuition, which is what I did and it brought me to Kerri. Beyond her credentials and experience, there is so much more depth to Kerri. There aren’t enough words or emotions to describe Kerri and her presence. To me, she is my angel. Not only is she immensely talented and beautiful, inside and out, but you have to be in her presence to truly understand and feel her energy. As soon as you step inside the house, you will be transformed. If I could live there, I would. Magic happens inside that house, I have witnessed on many, many occasions. It’s like Kerri is surrounded by this white glowing light and she is just the most incredible woman I have ever met. Short history about me, that will hopefully give you some insight on what Kerri is capable of, if you are truly open to it. In March of 2011, I had a complete breakdown and was on the brink of suicide. I am a 44 year old woman, married at the time, and mother of 2 elementary school children. I’ve always been spiritual and intuitive but in the past only when it suited me. An angel stopped me that day from ending my life. I closed the doors on everyone and just went inside myself. It was there that true healing finally began. I started to find myself, forgive myself, love myself and found the courage to leave an abusive relationship. Kerri came into my life in May of 2011. She gave a presentation Reiki at a Women’s Centre. I was mesmerized by her. It felt like when her blue eyes looked at me, that she was looking right into my soul. I immediately signed up for a channelling with her and was totally blown away and hooked from that point on. Her ability to connect to her spirit guides and talk though them is something you have to experience. It was life changing for me. I then signed up to take her Reiki classes, which have enabled me to grow, spiritually, emotionally and intuitively. I am blessed beyond words to have met Kerri and I honestly love her. She just oozes warmth and light and sunshine and positivity and being in her presence is my favourite place in the world.I’ve referred many people to her for a channeling session, some of whom, weren’t really believers. Not one of them today can say that they don’t believe in energy and spirituality. I’ve given gifts of chanelling sessions to friends who need peace and healing, and they all have been speechless after their sessions. If you are in physical pain or emotional pain, struggling, searching, inquisitive, looking to further your skills, or just plain inquisitive, there is no better place to be than at Circle of Light!! Trust your intuition and book your appointment today, I promise you, your life will forever change.” ~ Jennifer Schanck

“When you enter The Circle of Light Wellness Centre in Waterdown, you enter a Sanctuary filled with kindness, love and respect which is portrayed by all of the healing professionals who work there. I have had numerous Reiki sessions with Kerri Fargo, which have left me feeling more relaxed and less stressed. Kerri’s vast knowledge of healing methods and respectful kind treatments have intrigued me to learn more about the practice of Reiki. I have currently completed the Usui Reiki Level 1 class and am registered to complete the level two class. Kerri is an excellent teacher, willing to share her own experiences, wealth of knowledge and answers all questions asked by her students. Kerri is a ray of sunshine and I look forward to continuing to study with her in the future. I feel blessed to have met such a wondeful kind soul like Kerri and wish that there were more people like her and her colleagues. Our world would be a much more respectful, kind and loving place to live.”
~ Amanda

“Amazing results in one session that I had been spending years in therapy trying to resolve. Kerri is a truly gifted healer!” ~ Samantha B.

“Kerri is a gifted and talented holistic practitioner. As colleagues working in the personal growth industry I find her insight and feedback valuable to my business and career direction. As a teacher I experience Kerri to be informative, open and well versed in her subjects. Taking her classes proved to be a major catalyst in my own personal growth. As a practitioner associated with Circle of Light Wellness Center, I find Kerri to be accommodating and open to new ideas and ventures. Kerri is a delight personally and professionally and I always recommend her to friends, clients and colleagues.”
~ Esther Bartkiw

“I’m always amazed at that results from a treatment. Kerri is truly gifted as a spiritual healer and teacher. I’ve recommended her to many people for a variety of physical, mental, and emotional issues.” ~ Mike Travers

“I had tried many therapies, traditional and alternative to help with infertility. I saw Kerri on the advice of a friend, but to be honest I was not expecting much. I started with a Reiki session and it felt wonderful! I decided to continue just on that basis but the healing that occurred for me over the course of several treatments was much more than that. She taught me how to reduce my stress, and worked with me over a period of 3 months during which time I got pregnant and am now the mother of a healthy boy! I highly recommend Kerri as a practitioner. She is friendly, personable, knowledgeable and a gifted intuitive and healer!” ~ M. R.

“I found my whole experience with Kerri to be Loving and Kind. This was my second Reiki session and I was apprehensive as my first experience with Reiki was not 100% positive. Kerri spoke with me before the session and dissolved any fears that I had. After the session, I felt lighter, refreshed, freer and happier. I highly recommend a Reiki session with Kerri for anyone looking for healing or balance in their lives.” ~ Jasmine

“You made my life different path. Path started changing myself, Healing myself and changing my family healing them and now healing others…. it was a little dot and grow to big circle. I never knew myself even i look at the mirror every morning…. You help me to see real myself and meet my higher self…. meeting my higher self learned life is beautiful as evolve everyday….. I learned not to control, just sit back and enjoy the seen passing by…. like weather sometimes cold, snow, sometimes thunder and Sunny warm…. learned take the days with love and passion…give gratitude for every morning is a new day to be happy. Thank you Kerri, helping me born again in this life time” ~ Blessings, Nese

“I took your Tibetan yoga class which was the first step to me really feeling like I was healing, the yoga classes then lead me to your Reiki sessions which allowed me to heal further but it was the first time that I actually felt at peace and a sense of freedom with a clear mind and body. It took quite a few sessions along with continuing to do yoga and meditating at home to get to this peaceful state. I now do a once a month Reiki session with you which I say to everyone is what keeps me alive, balanced and truly living well.”~ Cari M.

“I wanted to thank-you for being such a wonderful mentor to myself and Andrew. You have always been so welcome and encouraging to all of us and I appreciate that so much! I wanted to share a couple of recent stories with you. This summer Andrew spent 2 weeks at a sleepover camp up north. This was his first time away and after the first few days his counsellor called to say that he was homesick and wanted to come home. My husband and I went to visit him and I told him it was the perfect opportunity to try his out of body lesson you suggested. He decided to stay, and every night when he went to bed he would visit his dad, sister and myself and tuck himself into his own bed at home. After that he had a wonderful time and can't wait to go again next year! He said that "coming home" every night made camp feel like home. Cali followed your advice for her first day of grade 1. She was very scared of the teacher and some of her classmates so when she walked into the class on the first day she filled it with pink clouds (that she decorated with smiley faces, rainbows and hearts). She had a fantastic day, everyone was friendly, and now she is very optimistic about grade 1! whew!Thanks again for everything! I wish that all children (and adults!) would learn more about energy so that they can empower themselves. I feel so lucky that we have found such a great teacher and that my kids are excited to learn. We are having a great time! Much love” ~ Karen, Andrew & Cali


Channeling Experiences

“I often use psychics and other services as a way to get secondary information for my business. I have had positive and not so positive experiences in the past. Kerri’s guide was very accurate. This service ended up paying for itself several times over. I will definately be back.” male aged 45

“Kerri is a clear and accurate channel. Everything she said happened. I have sent friends and family to her and they have all had great results too. Thank you Kerri! ” female aged 37

“Unbelievably accurate. In a world of false prophets, Kerri is the real deal. Everything she predicted in my session happened. I will definately be back!” Male aged 56

“I was fortunate enough to have been referred to Kerri by a friend over a year ago. During a very difficult time in my life I started doing distant energy channelling sessions with Kerri over the phone due to my inability to travel at the time. I was a little apprehensive and unsure of what to expect on my first session, especially because we had never met in person. After the first session I was amazed at how accurate her guides were, and how much clarity and insight was brought to me during such an overwhelming time in my life. Over the span of a year of doing distant energy channelling sessions with Kerri absolutely everything that her guides have said have proven true. What I find the most beneficial from our sessions is the comfort of understanding the deeper levels of what is happening in my life, and around me. With this understanding and guidance I have been more able to easily navigate through my life with confidence and clarity. I have developed a much deeper understanding of my true self since working with Kerri. Kerri and her guides deliver information that have not only been accurate and precise, but I always feel such a profound sense of peace, understanding and love after a session. While navigating through a difficult illness and many other hardships Kerri and her guides have been so compassionate, and are often able to put words into what I am experiencing at that time which enables me to gain a much broader perspective and clearer direction. I have gotten more benefit from working with Kerri than I have many other methods of therapy. Kerri truly is a gifted healer and loving soul. I have experienced tremendous shifts since working with Kerri not only in my physical healing, but also my emotional, spiritual, mental and energetic growth. Kerri is someone that you work with and feel a deep connection with immediately. She has been such a blessing in my life. Many, many thanks to Kerri and her guides!” Thank you so much for all that you do, you have played such a big part in my healing and transformation. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”  Brittney

“I found Kerri years ago when going through a big life change. She helped me through the rough patches. Everyone I send to Kerri receives a warm welcome, wonderful service, and an amazing and accurate reading. I’m so happy I found her and Circle of Light” ~ Jane


Past Life Regression Experiences

"I have wanted to try something like this for years but for whatever reason something always held me back. I would always find a reason to pull back. I even book a few appointments an cancelled them. I finally took the plunge and all I can say is WOW. I didn't feel a huge difference after my regression but in the days and weeks that followed I have had unlimited creativity! I'm sleeping more soundly, my mood is improved. I feel like a 'weight' has lifted. For most of my life I have always over-worried and had a heaviness, like a feeling of doom in the background of my life. That is now gone. It has been 6 months since my regression and I am still having aha moments from it. I highly recommend this, even if you do not know what you are getting in to. Trust your intuition" J.B.

"This was a really great experience. I have a really active mind, even when under hypnosis, so I wasn’t sure how I would do with this, but had wanted to try something like it for quite a while. We talked about what I wanted out of the experience and Kerri answered all of the questions I had. The relaxation process was nice and slow and I had lots of time to get into a relaxed state. My mind and my ego were still present, but I was able also to allow the mental pictures to come through. Kerri guided me through each experience and kept me calm and focused. She is very good at providing a safe space. The pictures became easier to perceive and “see” in greater detail as I went along. Kerri took great notes that I was able to add to as I remembered more from the experience afterwards. I would definitely do this again!" D.E

I am a holistic healer and have done lots of work on myself and have connected to past lives and going into this session I didn't think I had an agenda but coming out of it I realized I did have one. I had thought I would be going into a particular lifetime I was already familiar with and had unresolved issues with. It ends up I went somewhere completely different, and upon reflection it was where I needed to go as it was the lifetime that preceded the one I was aware of and it was the root of the past pattern I had intended to discover and heal. Our minds and spirits are so powerful .We know what we need. Kerri is a loving and gifted healer and I felt safe in her hands and also loved how we saw the same things from different perspectives. This session has given me renewed confidence in my abilities as a healer and intuitive and I feel more whole as a person. Thank you Kerri. " M. F.

"I was honestly surprised I was able to see and experience anything. I thought I would be unable to. My whole body was vibrating from head to feet after the session. That was a little freaky but Kerri told me that it was normal, and that my
frequency went up during the session, and I was just feeling that. I went home and fell asleep before dinner but the next day I had so much more energy! I know this wasn't a healing session but I felt great after. I also feel more confident in myself. My dreams are more vivid too. I just tried this because I was curious and to be honest it was a gift from my mom. At first I thought it might be weird but I'm so glad I tried this. Now I can't wait to try everything else!" Tammy

Reiki Class Experiences

“Through my experience with Reiki I discovered the importance of being self aware and how much we can change in our lives. We can change the people we attract, our own patterns, what we manifest in our lives and ultimately how we view the world.I found that after my transition into energy work not only is my outlook on life much more positive, but I am less likely to engage in drama scenes. I really had no idea how great self acceptance, peace, harmony and unconditional love feels. I also am grateful to be in a position to help others if they so choose. Overall, I love energy work, receiving and giving and I wish I knew about this much earlier in my life.” ~ Rita

Reiki has had a dramatic impact on my life. It has made me a better person to myself and to others. When I explain Reiki, I explain it as though you are giving unconditional love to someone and THAT is the best gift of all! I have really grown as a person and I am so much happier and I am so much more positive. It has given me clear thoughts and I now have a clear path to the things that I want for myself and my family and friends as well as to mankind. I now know that it only takes 1 time to make someone feel good but it carries on to 1000 more people. I feel so much more energetic and I really do try to find the best in everybody and I want to give to people and make everyone feel special. Reiki, when giving a treatment to someone is an amazing process and when it works it makes you really believe in a higher power and it is such a honor to share between people. Thank you. ~ Michelle Dokis O’Brien

“Reiki has reawakened the divine in me. When I was young, life was magical and Reiki has brought that sense of magic and wonder back into my life. It makes me absolutely giddy with joy. Thanks Kerri for being my teacher. “~ Kaja

“Kerri is a gifted and talented holistic practitioner. As colleagues working in the personal growth industry I find her insight and feedback valuable to my business and career direction. As a teacher I experience Kerri to be informative, open and well versed in her subjects. Taking her classes proved to be a major catalyst in my own personal growth. As a practitioner associated with Circle of Light Wellness Center, I find Kerri to be accommodating and open to new ideas and ventures. Kerri is a delight personally and professionally and I always recommend her to friends, clients and colleagues.” ~ Esther Bartkiw

“Reiki not only impacted my life, but it has impacted the lives of those around me. Learning reiki and my spiritual awakening seemed to go hand in hand. I now live a fuller, richer life. I know that there is more out there than the eye can see. Reiki opened up my intuitive side and I now get paid to do spiritual and tarot card readings!” ~ Mary-Anne Lightfoot

“I believe that I am shedding a lot of my former self which was based mainly from a social standpoint in order to be accepted and now allowing my true or spiritual self to emerge and be the dominant personality. This process has forced me to take another look inside and with great joy, discover who I really or always was. Is it worthwhile to take a Reiki course? Only if you want your life to improve. Thanks to Kerri a true master teacher of life and all the others I have met as a result. Always in LOVE & LIGHT” ~ Peter Dennett

I practice Reiki mainly for self-healing and maintaining personal balance. I have found that it has opened my doors to a heightened sense of intuition and has improved my abilites to help my clients. I will often send Reiki ahead for the day or for people so that blessings are felt by many. Provided that I have the client’s permission, I will also use Reiki in my counselling sessions to accelerate the healing process. I love it! ~ Heidi Cowie

I feel grateful and empowered. I am loving this Reiki! I took the class just for me but find myself using it a lot with my family, children and even our dog. I am so grateful I trusted my intuition to take this class at Circle of Light. Kerri is an excellent teacher, a wealth of knowledge, and a kind and loving person. Thank-you Kerri. ~  Elizabeth

I just wanted to thank you for the Reiki Master Course. Your method of teaching the course was so approachable and unique. Since then I feel very empowered to move forward with my goals. I will be seeing you again at some point, but until then be well and thank you again. Love and Light ~ Pamela Glen-Nesbitt

I just wished to send a quick note to thank you so much for the Reiki Master class, for your AMAZING binder as well. Thank you for putting so much time, love, and effort into it. With Love ~ Michelle


Sacred Journey Experiences

The Glastonbury Retreat was so much more beautiful, sacred and fun than I had been able to anticipate! The trip was simply life changing for me as I came to an understanding of both myself and the ancient energies of the Celts, Druids and Mother earth. The high point for me was a flight in a small plane over ancient burial mounds, Silbury Hill and recent crop circles, ‘ghost’ crop circles and viewing the land from the sky. I absolutely loved every moment and can’t wait to go back!” ~ Deborah Martin

“In a word….Transformational.” ~ Pat

“It’s hard to describe this very special trip, but if I had just one word to say about it, it would be “Go!” Aside from getting to visit places I had heard about my entire life, I learned new stories about them and got to experience them in a way I don’t think the average tourist gets to. I would go back in a heartbeat.” ~ Desiree

This past summer was my second “Journey to the Heart” to England. Both times I have taken this trip, I learned so much about the sacred sites we visited, and even more about myself. As a result I have experienced personal growth of mind, body and spirit….not to mention the wonderful people I have met, some of whom have become cherished friends. I highly recommend you go! ~ Tara Haugen

”The Glastonbury trip with Circle of Light exceeded my expectations! The itinerary provided a variety of experiences and locations to visit (nature in various settings, sacred sites, time for rest and personal exploring). Our tour guide John phenomenal! He is well educated about the sites, but more importantly intuitive and wise in his communications. Too be honest I am not fond of group tours, however I am glad I over came my fears. I never laughed so much in my life and met some truly wonderful people. This trip to Glastonbury touched my heart! I came home with renewed energy and an even stronger connection to nature and the sacred sites that exist close to home. I would love to return and experience this place again. I know why people return again and again. Thanks for organizing an amazing trip Kerri. You took care of us every step of the way!” ~ Darcie Pytel

“I have been lucky enough to go to the west of England twice with Kerri and our Irish guide John. Both trips were beautifully organized and we were well cared for in our accommodations. The tours were excellent with in-depth information, plenty of time for personal mediation, and group mediation as well as time for the ‘all important’ shopping. We saw the most amazing sites, some large and well known, and others small, hardly known, ancient, and precious. We have all became lifelong friends. And I would go back in a heartbeat ” ~ T.B

“The most incredible trip I’ve ever been on! Everything was organized beautifully. Between Kerri & Ruli, our guide, all areas were covered. It was a lot of fun, hiking was a blast especially going where only locals go. This is not something you’d experience if you went to a travel agency. We saw so much, learned so much and experienced so many beautiful ceremonies with various shamans, meditated in so many incredible areas. Healings were amazing. If you ever get the opportunity – GO! You will not regret it, you’ll want more.” ~ Ingrid

“Looking back on my trip to Peru, my heart wants to sing ‘ The hills are alive with the sound of music’. When you picture Julie Andrews singing that song on the mountains, you have a glimpse of Peru. However, the Peruvian mountains are higher, more beautiful, more majestic, more alive. They take your breath away. Will they speak to you? Visit and see. I, also, must thank our guide, Ruli. He brought the Incas, the land, their history to life. I would recommend this trip of a lifetime to everyone. Just remember, the more physically fit you are, the more you will enjoy the whole experience. Thank you, Kerri and Ruli. This trip was amazing.” ~ Joyce Bishop

“Our trip to Glastonbury with Circle of Light was a once in a lifetime experience. Kerri and our guide, John, gave us two weeks of adventure, spiritual experiences, friendship, relaxation and peace of mind. Never before have we been on a trip where so much was done for us to make our trip so wonderful. Glastonbury itself was a great place to stay and I would highly recommend spending an extra day or two there. So many sights like Chalice Well Gardens and the Tor, Stonehenge (so great at sunset!), Merlin’s Cave, St Michael’s Mount, Avesbury and the Crop Circles (nothing like the view of these from up above in a small plane!) and the beautiful rugged little town of Boscastle where we stayed for 2 nights, that it would be very difficult for me to choose a favorite. If you are thinking of visiting this area and experiencing it to the fullest, don’t hesitate to book this trip with Circle of Light.” ~ Jenny and Brian Gray

What I loved about the Sacred Journey to Peru trip was the connection and ceremonies that we did as a group and with Shamans in Peru. The places we visited and sights we saw are a once in a lifetime experience. I can honestly say that there was nothing I didn’t enjoy. Each new experience brought with it greater learning and knowledge. Thanks again for the amazing once in a lifetime experience! ~ Jordan Wells

"I cannot thank Kerri enough for organizing the trip to Glastonbury. This trip was extremely well organized and the accommodations excellent. Someone asked me what was my least favourite thing of the trip and I honestly could not find one thing. For me personally it was life altering. Each day was created to build on the next and because of Kerri’s knowledge as well as John, our resident guide, I was not disappointed. So many experiences and memories that continue to impact my daily life. For anyone feeling like they need to find someone to travel with, I encourage you to set that need aside. I went on this trip not knowing anyone and came back with great friends that continue to be part of my life to this day. This trip was a perfect balance of history, spiritual teachings, a wee bit of folk lore, lots of laughter and personal transformation." ~ Rosemary Coburn


Shamanic Journey Class Experiences

I just wanted to share my gratitude for the incredible course Kerri delivered to all of us. Kerri, you were very professional; you made us all feel safe and at ease; you created a loving environment that allowed us all to openly share our feelings and ask questions. You were also light hearted and funny; sharing your own experiences and helping us to feel it is okay to make mistakes. Your knowledge and own life journey of studying brought a lot of experience and insight during the course. Thank you for being so open and sharing things you have learned. Blessings ~ Renata Kiss Rohne

"I quite enjoyed the Shamanic Journeying class. It has helped my meditations and visualization become stronger and more detailed already. I also feel the call to meditate much more strongly. I enjoy visiting my sacred space and the Lower World to get some peace, healing, and information. Kerri's approach and teaching were wonderful, her passion for this topic was clear in every word. I look forward to the next class and in the meantime, will journey to learn and to have fun." ~ David Rundle


Kundalini Reiki Class Experiences

‘Kundalini Reiki feels like a natural progression to the next level of reiki and healing after becoming a Usui Reki Master. The kundalini energy feels quite different than the Usui but is still comfortable and safe to use to ease pain and tension, and so much more. The ease that the energy is conducted makes the process of channelling reiki faster and simpler for this fast paced world. Kerri and Karen do a great job incorporating the information in the manual with their own experiences and sharing the experiences of the group. I use it every day.’ ~ Carol Langs

‘I truly love the Kundalini Reiki. I so enjoyed the powerful sense of ‘difference’, powerful sense of ‘knowing’. This lovely modality simply ‘cuts to the chase’. Just the way I like it! No muss, no fuss. The flow of energy is so succinct and the feedback received when giving a distance reiki from the receiver was just that. The receiver knew exactly when the treatment started and they received exactly what they needed. LOVED IT!
Added to my practice: channeling with clarity, direct and to the point (even more than before), counseling seems to be more prominent than before, my treatments are more powerful and do not take as long, my meditations are much deeper.’ ~ Sheila

‘This class really brought Reiki to a whole new level. Kundalini Reiki was taught clearly and with humour and also with lots of relevant stories. The two instructors made me feel welcome and answered all of my questions. I had a lot of personal growth and really felt that I got a lot out of both the teachings and the teachers. Being part of a high energy group was great. Feeling the energy of the attunements and then the feeling of being grounded was a great experience.’ ~ Claude Di Fruscia

‘Karen & Kerri are very knowledgeable, they present the information in a practical and easily accessible manner. They are the perfect compliment for one another ~ balance.
This Workshop definitely fulfilled my expectations.
I haven’t quite formed the words yet — how about one: EXCEPTIONAL!’ ~ Tara Haugen

‘I appreciate the teaching protocol and the teachers personal styles as they were in sync with my learning style. Above and beyond! An opportunity to learn and grow your understanding of and appreciation of Kundalini Reiki in a stress-free, loving and person-friendly environment. Lots of open-ended interaction opportunities.’ ~ Brian Gray

‘Loving energy. Connecting at a new level within myself. Awesome!’ ~ Sarah DeMedeiros

‘Profound transformation and clearing. Great group of people. Great job!’ ~ Andrea Nygren

‘Greatly exceeded my expectations, powerful yet soft energy which was actually fun to learn.
Very knowledgeable instructors. Loved the ancedotes which reinforced the principles we learned.
Good integration of techniques through practice opportunity. Wonderful group energy and extremely supportive learning environment.’ ~ Jenny Gray

‘Great class! Always a great time meeting likewise people. The attunements were amazing. Enjoyed it all. ‘ ~ Cheryl O’Neill

‘Kerri & Karen both so knowledgeable and shared experiences! So glad to have finally experienced Kundalini Reiki Master Class.’ ~ Linda J. Brunton

I wanted to tell you how happy I have been and how I feel like I am ‘higher’ then I have ever felt!
My intuition has opened more. Thank you again for your shared knowledge…I love Kundulini reiki and love sharing it! ~ Michelle

Energizing and fulfilling. The most positive experience in the class was the Level II attunement.
~ Leanna

Safe & friendly environment. Wonderful and personable teachers.
~ Sherry

My experience in this class was very comforting, but at the same time expansive. This is a safe environment to expand ones energy. I loved having the time to listen to how others were feeling the energy.
~ Angela Gee

The class was great – uplifting & clearing. It was awesome.
~ Carol

Having my Usui Reiki Master Level, I felt prepared. I felt a true purpose & benefit of this training. Timing of this was perfect for particular clients I had in mind, resulting in immediate application. I can’t wait to use this modality. I LOVE IT! ~ Sheila

Fantastic workshop presented in a professional and flowing manner. Thanks! A wonderful warm environment to learn a very powerful reiki. I had profound insights and deep healing. The clearing was powerful and deep. ~ Sue Malley

Crazy wow!! The energy is so intense and ready. It was an incredible experience! I had a lot of clearing of things that needed to move on in my life. I feel I am one step closer to my ideal life!! ~ Michelle Dokis O’brien

Manuals are very professional. This is exactly what I needed at this time – a lot of emotional clearing. I liked having two instructors with different styles. Loved our group. Love the energy of Circle of Light. ~ Patricia Reynolds

AMAZING. Loved the energy. My most positive experience was all of the very quick clearing. ~ Wendy Stricker

A lot of energy. Be prepared for the unexpected. My most positive experience involved the clearing of a past life issue. It was difficult at the time but had great support to get me through the clearing. ~ DJ Jurcic

Loved it! ~ Eva Quijano


Tibetan Yoga Experiences

’I’ve been practicing Tibetan Yoga everyday for almost a year and a half now and feel that it helps keep me balanced on a day-to-day basis. I have found Reiki to be a great healing tool for taking care of a variety of aches and pains, as well as for clearing any emotional blockages. ‘ ~ Mike Travers

“So so gentle. At first I wasn’t sure about this type of yoga, being used to more athletic types, but this was just what my body wanted and needed. A super gentle approach. Kind and loving.” ~ Stephanie

‘Feel more relaxed and easy going, sleep better, higher energy levels. The meditations and visualizations helped me to forget about day to day to-do lists and focus on myself.’ ~ Lindsay Medeiros

‘Kerri you are simple the most heartwarming teacher who has a natural ability to embrace each member of your class right where we are in our own life’s journey. Your own excitement about Tibetan Yoga is so contagious it inspired me to look for the subtle changes my yoga practice inspired. As we expect, then we receive.’ ~ Dianne Matich

‘It was an awesome class. Good times with my friends and new people I met. I learned a lot about myself and how to manage my stress and improve my health. I have been given better ways to do meditation and of course meeting you was great!’ ~ M.M.

More student comments:

‘Tibetan Yoga is unlike anything I have ever done-it does not drastically affect one area of your life. Instead it subtly and profoundly impacts all areas of your life. Physically, Spiritually and Psychologically, you experience change in your life.’

‘I noticed changes, more energy, vivid dreams, more flexibility and increased strength.’

‘Wonderful Way to start the day. Helps to create space in the heart and mind for all that comes our way. Great stretch for the body in a loving and nurturing context.’