What You 'Want' You Will Never Have


 216253_257762594363681_166107679_nThat above statement is not only true it is the law of attraction at work.What you 'want' you will never have because you are in the act of wanting it.The very act of wanting pushes it away.Do you really really Want something?Then Stop Wanting it and start BEING it.This applies to everything. abundance, health, relationships, career, family, etc.Wanting keeps you waiting. It keeps you a victim in your own life.Life is too short to waste time by not living it 100%.The fastest way to create something new in your life is to Stop Wanting It and start BECOMING it.How do you do that?1. Take action. What action would you be taking if that thing you wanted was already in your life?2. Have a plan. Have a few steps you can take forwards. You do not need to see the whole staircase remember? Just the first few steps.532827_399472243423927_1846582281_n-300x1873. End victimization. Throw your excuses and 'poor me' out in the trash where they belong. As long as you are seeing yourself as a victim of circumstance you will never take constructive action towards your future.4. Own it. Be ok with being that what you want. Don't judge your dreams. If your dreams come true it is not at the expense of anyone else. You are not stealing anyone else dreams or joy. There is enough love & abundance in the world for everyone, and thankfully we all have our own unique dreams.butterfly5. Remove fear. The # 1 stumbling block of anything is Fear. Self doubt is fear with a different name-they are essentially one and the same thing. You want this remember? You don't have the time & energy to waste on being afraid of it. Take action-even baby steps forward will alleviate fear.6. Be flexible. It's ok to change your mind. That thing you want? As you get closer to it if you realize you don't want it after all and just thought you did- that's ok. Nothing is wasted. At least you have realized that now and not later. So scratch that dream off the list and replace it with something you feel you truly want.428484_389674277813350_617499788_nNow go out there and do it!