Going Within


Everyone has their own way to fill themselves up and to find their centre. For me it has always been going into nature. Sometimes remote nature, by myself, just me and my tent.I have been getting the intuitive message from spirit for months now that it is time for me to go on a vision quest-to go within. I have been ignoring this feeling and the gentle nudges to do so for a while now because I was too busy, I had too much going on.As a result my health began to deteriorate. My adrenals became tired and overworked and my immune system crashed to the point where I was flat on my back wondering how I got there. Well spirit answered me. I had been going full speed for so long that I had managed to successfully burn myself out to a full stop. Luckily with the help of herbal support, and acupuncture, and energy work I am well again.As a holistic practitioner I should really know better. Believe me. I know. The only thing worse that being unwell is judging yourself and your folly in getting there.While I was in Bali recently on a course I asked spirit what I needed to do to get back to my 100% and got the clear message that I needed to take a break, not just from work, but from everything. It was time for me to retreat into the woods to meditate and commune with spirit. For clarity, for direction, for expansion, and for healing.So that Is what I am doing. I realize it is not warm outside anymore but I am bringing my tent and I am going to find a remote patch of forest and sit and meditate for however long it takes.I have taken a brief leave from my work. I will return. I work with an incredibly talented team so I know my regular clients are in very good hands.I have had an incredibly busy and sometimes stressful 16 months. A lot of change. A lot of wonderful change in all parts of my life and some of it has been challenging. I have not had much time to process the changes or recover from them as it has been one thing after another for a very long time. That is another reason I need to unplug from 'civilization' and reconnect to spirit in a deeper way. I have heard spirit calling me to do this for over a year now and I cannot put it off any longer.After witnessing 2 very dear young holistic healers pass into spirit this past year it has reminded me that life is short, sometimes fleeting, it is precious, and we owe it to ourselves and others to be living our best life. I am taking the advice I would give any of my clients if they came to me with the experiences I have been having lately. When seeking clarity~ if the answers are not coming~it is best to Go Within. I will be doing just that.I thank all of you for understanding my process and being patient and understanding that I will not be available in my usual capacity at the centre for a few weeks.I was reading a channeling a friend sent me via email the other day and found it ironic the person channeling the message is taking a sabbatical until the end of the year. Since that time 2 more very intuitive people have told me they are also taking the next 2 months off. Although I do not plan taking the rest of the year off-there must be something with the current time we are in energetically and this very real need to go inwards.Whenever I have done this process in the past I emerge with new clarity, optimism, and beautiful treasures of wisdom from the etheric realm. I am going into this experience with no expectation other than I am making myself available to receive all that I need to receive to move forward. I look forward to sharing my experiences when I return.Until then I will see you in that big beautiful quantum field of possibilities.

With love,