Kundalini Reiki

Change Is Good ~ Embrace Your Mess


chaos-and-change1We just completed the Kundalini Reiki Master Intensive class last Sunday and indeed it was intense. Not in a bad way but in a Big Way. Just because Karen and I teach the class does not mean that we are immune to the shifts of the energy. In fact I believe we get it in a very concentrated way before during and after teaching. It is as though the universe is saying 'Are you ready to ride this frequency? Then buckle up!'I LOVE teaching this incredible modality. I love seeing the changes. It works FAST, it blasts through everything it needs to! To be honest the chaos that this fast pace sometimes creates, I could do without. I do blame myself. I did way too many processes on my house in a short period of time. The kids and I became unwell-as we were processing the changes in our physical body. Not a fun way to process, but things are healing and balancing and re-arranging as a result. Sometimes change in it's initial stages can be messy. I am not a fan of messy. I prefer disorder within some kind of order. But in this case it just got messy fast and I had to surrender and sit in the mess for a few days.Coming out the other side of a 'mess' is much more fun. This morning while teaching yoga I could start to see the clarity, the healing and the new order forming, but I can still see some of the changes I need to make as well.Change is good and change is necessary but lets face it, change can be messy. Does it have to be messy? Not at all. Change can be graceful and beautiful. However, in my experience Big Change (change that affects multiple timelines of reality and many people, places, things, times, and events) can be a bit 'messy'.fear-of-changeWhy am I sharing this? Well I want you to all embrace your 'mess'. Whatever you feel your mess may be. Being in a mess is no time to stick your head in the sand. Look your mess straight in the eye(if it has an eye)(might be more like an eye of a hurricane-lol) and Embrace it, Thank it, Learn from it, Acknowledge it, Love it. That 'mess' in your life is simply your transition through change. Change that you probably 'asked for', change you most certainly needed. Sometimes those sandcastles need to come down to be rebuilt. Better, stronger, healthier.The bigger the 'mess' the bigger the change. So if you find yourself in a big 'mess' know that the change that is coming will be very very big and very transformational. And remember Change is GOOD. Change happens when we 'ask for it'. Don't be frightened of the process. Just breathe, go slowly and trust.xoKerri      

12/12/12 Healing ~ My Experience

Good day everyone!487789_326848580738166_1461110575_nI hope you had a fabulous sleep. I know some of you had amazing experiences. I just wanted to share mine here and please feel free to share yours as well. I think it helps others to hear the stories of everyone's experiences, maybe we saw and experienced similar things, it may provide insight into what others felt and experienced.I began by preparing sacred space as I usually do however this time the focus was on creating balance.I was guided to bring 2 of my favourite crystals out-one that contains the energies of Glastonbury-the heart chakra of the earth and another that contains the energies from Macchu Picchu, the surrounding mountains and the crystal city. I didn't really question that, I just went with my intuition but later upon reflecting thought that was fitting for the Heart(Glastonbury is considered the heart chakra of the earth) to be united with the energies of the Sacral(creativity-birth and new beginnings)(Peru is considered to be the sacral chakra of the earth-the umbilical cord that connects us to earth mother)On 11/11/11 I had to spend so much time connecting us all to the earth before I could even begin. This time was different in that I still had to do that but it was incredibly fast. For the actual healing part of the evening, I was guided to have my angel music on in the background(by Aeoliah)The energy during the healing was lighter overall, more refined and the focus was on opening the heart to help us all give and receive love more easily and effortlessly. There was a strong sense coming from everyone of the need to feel 'safe' to feel safe in order to open one's heart. Spirit supported that. I saw everyone joining in on the healing as stars all gathering together and swirling in unison. It was incredibly beautiful.What surprised me were the colours. I 'see' colour all the time but the vividness was like nothing I have ever seen before. I saw the blues I see so often that signify to me that we are  healing patterns embedded in our DNA but there was a green that was so bright and alive and as if to answer my question of "wow! where did this colour come from?" my guide told me it is a new colour coming in for healing. A new colour? Listen, I had the bog box of crayons, I was in an art program for years, I have seen many shades of colours in my time, but this green was like nothing I have ever seen!-I can't even describe it. It is as though our world here cannot really express the frequency of the colours I saw-they were from elsewhere. Incredible!Flower_of_Life_I saw the stars then shift into a large flower of life symbol, everyone represented a circle in the symbol-individual, but connected and one, all at the same time. I could hear the sound and music from this geometric shape(the same sounds I have heard in crop circles)The overall theme of the healing for everyone was creating a safe heart space.  I was aware that there needed to be a clearing of   karmic ties between people-relationships, friendships, etc. There was a large need for letting go of patterns that no longer serve and fears with regards to relationships with self and with others. I was guided to do a couple of Kundalini Reiki processes to help support that and so did a Karmic Band clearing and Past Life Clearing, as many of the relationships coming up were linked to past life events. flower of lifeSo for some of you this was a Huge part of the healing you needed. I suspect those of you who had a lot to clear here may be feeling like you have been hit by a truck(sorry), extreme fatigue and even emotions rising to the surface that you may not understand-and do not expect to-they are just coming up to clear and go-they are from another time. Get rest, drink lots of water, journal if you feel you want to, just be gentle with yourself. The pattern that was clearing was fear, primarily fear of judgement, fear of betrayal, fear of death.This was all necessary in order to create more space in your heart to experience unconditional love and joy. : )At one point I felt part of the group was experiencing some financial struggle-fear and lack-so did an abundance process to get that energy moving.You will all get a kick out of this, as the healing was winding down I was guided to then do the attunement part for those who wished that. For that I needed to read out loud an intention. As I opened my eyes I happenned to notice the clock it was exactly 1:11am. So the healing went from 12:12am-1:11am. That made me smile.Our guides and angels not only Love us unconditionally, they have a beautiful sense of timing, and humour.Think of your most cosy blanket, and the feeling of being wrapped up in warmth, think of the most loving hug you have ever felt where you just melt into it. Think of a joy so great your heart may burst because it cannot contain it all. That is how the energy of Seraph Rose feels.starsI felt her energy come forward and knew it was time to begin the attunement. The colours shifted to violet, purple and a lavender colour. I could see everyone's heart chakras as lights-lit up-as the attunement proceeded I saw everyone's heart flame grow brighter and brighter and brighter. Seraph Rose is like a great beautiful loving mother I felt so loved and so held and safe. I felt us all connected through our hearts as one large flame of unconditional love. I thought I would burst with joy.Please know she will always stay with you in your healings and interactions with others-you can call on her whenever you are finding it difficult to meet a situation in love. She will be there for you to guide you through. That feeling that she would always be there for all of you that was coming from her was so very strong, almost overwhelming, so please please ask her for help whenever you need it.heart-radiating-light Everyone's hearts were lit up beautifully. I wish I could paint what I saw. No one would worry over the state of the earth for one single minute if they saw the beauty in everyone's hearts that I witnessed.Thank you so much for coming together and choosing to be a part of this!!! For setting your intention to embrace love, and to have the courage to change and heal. Healing takes great courage and so does change. Give yourself a huge pat on the back. Thank you to the Beautiful healers who joined in to make the energy of this night so incredible! I honour all of you and am so very grateful to have been a part of such an incredible night. : )galactic alignmentpicPlease know that the upcoming 12/21/12 will be a beautiful time of celebration. You do not need to go towards that date with any fear. It is our collective birthday. I encourage all of you to follow your hearts deepest desire on that day and spend your time doing whatever calls to your heart and soul. There are so many wonderful events cropping up.I had thought I would be out celebrating with a a large group but for me my heart is pulling me to stay in that night with my family and have a cuddly night with them. That is in my heart that feels right for me-and it is not what I thought I would be doing that night- but I trust what I am pulled to do. I feel a need to be in my home with everyone who makes it home. : ) So if you are normally a homebody and feel the call to go out and are surprised by that, just follow that, trust that.There may be spelling mistakes here-I will try and correct later-I just wanted to share this as soon as I could : )LOVE LOVE LOVE to All of you!!!!Big Hugs,Kerri