I Don't Believe In Miracles ~ I Expect Them


miraclesSeveral years ago I was invited to speak at an event. The opening speaker was a native elder and he said something I will never forget.He said,"I don't believe in miracles I expect them."I was more than a bit surprised.What did he mean?What a bold thing to say!To 'Expect' miracles!Honestly!But today I realize what he said, it's SO TRUE!When we Trust and Love and Live in the Flow of Life Miracles Abound!When we are Present and Aware and live our lives in a state of Gratitude we soon realize Miracles are Everywhere and are Happening All of The Time!We simply need to take notice, to look and listen and feel what is happening around us.085d4f2a626811e18bb812313804a181_6 I just wanted to share this with all of you. I hope it helps you pause and take notice of the miracles at work in your own life.I now live every day expecting miracles. I welcome and embrace them and am so grateful for them when they arrive.What miracles have you experienced this week?In love & service,Kerri