2013 ~ A Time For New Beginnings & To Create


2013Well it's past the New Year and I am still working on a newsletter. It's getting a bit late to talk about the new year now isn't it? It has sort of come and gone. I took an extended vacation and one of my resolutions for this year was to better juggle all of my commitments. My work, my family, etc. And I love it all, so it makes it harder to juggle when you love everything you are doing. Looks like the newsletter has fallen into the delayed pile along with the Christmas cards that did not make it out this year.(don't worry, the newsletter is coming, it's just taking longer to create it than I thought) If anyone learns to stop time-call me-I'm interested. : )I like to spend the time leading up to a New Year and just after to take some time for self reflection, soul searching, a 'check in' with myself, with spirit and with everything. I contemplate. Not so much to make 'resolutions', but I more or less to make observations about the past year. I then I leave everything behind I no longer need, and take the wisdom of things I learned from the past year to help me make enlightened goals and choices about the coming year.axiatonalDuring this reflection time, one of the things I realized I was learning in  2012 was that I am just one person. I ended up getting sick a couple of times. This is rare for me to have my body just refuse to come along for the ride. It rebelled and I had to take time off to get back into balance. This was a direct result from doing too much and not getting enough down time. So this year I decided would be about balance for me, and completion.Completion?Completion of a dream 5 years in the making. The renovation of the centre to create more space for classes. It will be a positive thing for everyone, and I'm so so incredibly excited(I'm jumping up and down on the inside-can you see it?!) and cannot wait and am more than a little impatient. It has been a vision in my mind for years now, but it's still not physically here. Sometimes things we are trying to create take time. It is not on Our time but on Divine time that they are made manifest. I remind students and clients of this 'divine timing' often so it was funny that I found myself needing to take my own advice.The mind is powerful and this time of year everyone-or almost everyone is thinking about their brand new year. It is a fresh start for many, but much more than that because so many of us are reflecting on this and putting our energy on this, it actually creates a frequency out there in the world that supports change. This is the best time to make a change, switch up a habit, let something/someone go because it is 'energetically' supported.Keep in mind that when you do let something go, you create a vacuum that needs to be filled and it can be filled unconsciously or consciously. I am always a fan of taking part in choosing my reality rather than taking whatever is thrown my way. In order to do that you need to have something to take the place of the old thing you are letting go of. You need to CREATE. Whether that creation is a dream, goals, or an image you have in your mind that represents your ideal future, it does not matter. The important thing is to take a few moments to do it.The universe is a vast soup of potential that wants to give us what we need but cannot do that is we are not being clear. Creating helps you get clear, even if you have no idea what you want. The very act of starting the process, helps things to come into alignment.Below are some tips to help you Create. Feel free to use them as a starting point to inspire you on dreaming up a beautiful future for yourself in 2013. And Think Big! Because after all, we survived the end of the Mayan calendar (and the 'end of the world'), what can't we do?If you need help honing your focus on CREATING, we have an upcoming Practical Intuition event later this month to help you do just that. The group energy of Excitement for the New Fabulous Year will help propel you forward if you are having difficulty getting there on your own. More details are HERE


It's Time To Create Your Year!

Decide How it will be and Make it So!

Declare it!

Keep is Short and Simple and

Take Action to Make it Happen.


I've broken it down into 6 easy steps that you can remember as they spell the word that is the most important part-Create!

C-Get Clear

Unless you have a clear vision or clear goals you will only create chaos and confusion for yourself

R-Keep it Real

Start with realistic goals. I am all for setting your sights high, but do not set yourself up to fail. Take baby steps until you feel momentum beginning, then ramp it up.

E-Enthusiasm is a Must

If you are not excited about your life and dreams and goals no one else is going to be either. If you are not excited, then you are not in alignment with your soul and hearts desire and it's time to rethink your goals


Many people get stuck here. Yes you need a plan. But you are also required to get up and put it into action. No one is going to serve you life on a platter. Go out and get it!


Timing is everything. If the timing is off, well the whole thing can unravel. But if you are going to let that stop you then you did not really want it in the first place. Persistance pays off. Always.

E-Enjoy The Process

Have FUN! If you are not having fun, something is missing and you need to go back to the drawing board.

(If you are going to share the above process, please do so with integrity and give credit-this process created by and copyright © Kerri Fargo)

 It is going to be a Beautiful Year! I am very excited about 2013 and I hope you are too!