A Surprising Morning

20121230-071415.jpgA few hours ago I was pulled from my dreaming by the sound of long continuous honking. As my consciousness came back to my body and the earth, it greeted silence. I wondered was the honking external or had it been part of my dream? In my sleepy haze, the question faded, and I began to drift off again. I suddenly awoke fully with a start to loud pounding at the door. I realized I had to get the door as my husband was not here, that made me the one in charge. I stumbled downstairs with no time to even think. I was alone, up north with my sister, brother in law, and their kids. Not wanting to wake anyone, but unsure what was going on, I hurried to the door. There are no neighbors this time of year. Was someone in trouble or distress? I opened the door and the snow plough man tells me I need to move my car that I had parked at side of road because he couldn't get around it. I had parked there because the snow filled driveway was inaccessible. We had hiked our supplies in. So I got my keys and followed him up the hill, waking up now in the early morning cold. I had a few realizations walking up that hill.1. no one knows where I am. My sister and BIL are sleeping.2. It would be easy for him to (insert whatever your half asleep, fear-based mind could make up, here)After rolling a few scenarios around in my mind, I rest back in the faith that I'm safe and continue up the hill. If I'm not it's too late to turn back now.3. I was feeling the cold. I take stock that I'm in pjs & boots-no hat, no mitts etc.So I get into the van and drive down the road until I find a flat driveway without too much snow to pull into so the plough can get past me-this sounds simple enough but was next to impossible and about 2.km down the road. The plough passed me and I wait for it to turn around at bottom of the road and pass by me again before pulling out of the spot I'm in. I then realize I cannot go back and re-park where I was. I now have to park my car somewhere else and walk back. I know the road fairly well and know this will certainly be a bit of a hike. I also know that because of my earlier haste, I am improperly dressed for such a hike.I drive down the road and eventually find an area off to the side where I can safely park.I know I have to walk back. No hat no mitts and in pjs. I did go to bed with long underwear under my pjs as the fire hadn't heated the place up yet-so I take comfort in that.I get out of the car grab a gift basket my sister had left in the car (to save her a trip later)and I start walking. It's cold. I'm tired. I'm holding a gift basket. What was I thinking? I switch hands from basket holding to my pockets in an effort to stay warm. The snow is so cold it crunches. Loudly. I contemplate how it was silly of me not to remember to move the car-something my husband always did-and he wasn't here-but he always did it so I never even thought of it.I'm still walking and I'm getting really cold. I have a bit of a ways to go. I'm now annoyed. I only had a few hours sleep. I was already up at 3am stoking the fire. I had maybe 3 hours of sleep the night before. I know my neice and nephews will be up Early. My plans to get a proper sleep are fading fast. I trudge along feeling sorrier and more annoyed with myself. It's dark it's cold. Why am I carrying a gift basket? That's crazy. Are there coyotes up here? Would they be placated by chocolate? Why do the dark tree stumps look like people lurking?I trudge. I contemplate. I mind-complain. I get colder. The road goes on forever. I start to freeze.And then something happened.I looked UP and was literally stopped in my tracks.There in the clear night sky was one of the most beautiful moons I have ever seen. Complete with planets and bright stars all around. I was frozen in place just staring at it all like a fool. I'm pretty sure my mouth was hanging open in awe (I was still half asleep-in my defense)I was- in that moment-Absolutely Transformed.I went from a miserable, mind-complaining, freezing cold, wretch of a girl to a grateful and inspired human being. I placed the gift basket down on the ground, and just took in the fullness of the scene, appreciating that I was completely alone in beautiful nature. Silence, moonlight, snow so cold it crunches, bright stars, glowing moon, I felt so small, so taken care of, so loved and blessed. To be Present in this Moment-which now felt like a Miracle.I Thanked God, the universe, all of creation For My Life, for the miracle of living breathing and experiencing. I was so Thankful and Grateful for that moment, for having eyes to see and for the experience.What began as an interruption and large inconvenience in my life, had instantly shifted into a precious moment. And it made me realize, these moments are Everywhere.... Always. They happen throughout our day All The Time but our mind/personality/perception does not always allow us to see.Sometimes we need to be taken outside of ourselves( by strange events or circumstances largely outside of our control & comfort zone) to see anything at all.It is our Perspective that is Everything. Nothing in my scene or experience had changed here. Nothing at all.But I changed.And all it took was a moment.And I am so grateful for the reminder.So what is the point of this story?What indeed. : )It is this....Please look at something in your life today, or even last week, or further into your past that on the surface you judged as an inconvenience or unwelcome. Go back into the experience of that time, and find that moment of truth. That moment of clarity. Your own 'jewel' or 'pearl' from your experience and sit with that.Keep in mind there are no 'accidents' in life.If you do this with an open mind and heart, I guarantee the wisdom and awe that will flow over you will be no less greater than what I just experienced moments earlier. A moment so great I did not return to the sleep I so desperately thought I wanted and needed, but chose instead to share this moment(via a teeny & inefficient keyboard on my phone) with all of you. Now that is divine inspiration!Big hugs,Kerri