A Visit From My Grandfather

I saw my grandfather last night.I haven't seen him in a very long time.I got to hold him and tell him how much I love him.So what is so unique about that?My grandfather died 14 years ago.He appeared to me in the dream time. Sure I have dreamt of him before-here and there- but I never get to see him enough,Last night was different.As I was holding him and telling himhow glad I was to see him I realized I was dreaming. I looked at him and said, "You have been gone for 12 1/2 years and I miss you so much! You died. So that means I'm dreaming." I then said we can do anything. We were standing and looking out a window and I said, "we can fly". But then we decided against it to not alarm the other people walking up the street below. Instead we decided to go across the street and jump up to fly.We were at the COL centre. It looked different but we were upstairs. We went down to street level and talked as we walked up the street. Certain things would happen in my dream that would momentarily distract me and then I realized. 'No. I need to stay focused. To stay here with my grandfather.' What is funny in retrospect is we were walking the ley lines (energy lines) on Mill St. I could see the other people who had died walking them too.Now I see people who have died and cross over all the time so why is it such a big deal that I saw my grandfather? Well although I know he is around, I do not see him often, and I am rarely am able to connect with him like that.Not everyone who has died is easily accessible. Anyone who has had a session with a medium sometimes has that experience. No true medium can ever guarantee that a specific spirit will come forward. They know we are not the ones in control of that.Spirit is.So why do some spirits come in crystal clear and others are not as clear, more elusive, or difficult to locate?There are many reasons. I don't assume to know them all but will share a few from my personal experience.The most common I have experienced is that they have reincarnated back into a human form on the earth. So when I am connecting to their spirit it is present in the reading like a hologram-holding space in the past but the bulk of their energy is with the new life they are currently in.Sometimes spirit is elusive because they are keeping their energy close to a certain person or thing. It's usually who they feel needs their energy more.Sometimes they are doing 'work' on the other side. If we choose, after we cross over, we may take on certain tasks and occasionally spirit may be occupied doing something else.The energy we are trying to connect to is of an infant or unborn child, or child that died in utero. Often babies are not born for a reason. That reason usually has everything to do with their soul path and growth and not the mother or father. Once they pull their life force energy back they usually get to work on what they needed to do(why they left) or they plan to come again at the first opportunity.The upside is if I cannot locate a spirit clearly I will usually receive information as to why.My grandfather has been reincarnated back here for 12 1/2 years now. He died 14 years ago. It's funny in my dream I told him he had been gone for 12 1/2 years even though he died 14 years ago. That's because he has been gone from 'me' and my ability to access him clearly in spirit for that length of time. He has been here walking the earth again for the last 12 1/2 years. He reincarnated back. When he came back he came back as a split soul (identical twins). Those babies were born with health conditions that matched how he died. 9 days later those medical conditions had 'disappeared'. I'm sure nurses who work in neonatal see a lot of 'disappearing' illnesses.So this is all very interesting but it still does not allow me to hug and hold and talk with my grandfather as I could when he was living. That is why last night was so special.Why was I so close to my Grandfather?20121010-114449.jpgWell he used to teach me things. He would take the time to patiently go over each step. He encouraged me. He taught me the importance of being kind. He loved me unconditionally. He had the same wacky sense of humor. He would do anything for a laugh. We would go on long walks at the cottage and he would teach me which wild plants were edible. He could make or build anything. He believed in the world and believed in people even when faced with the 'ugly' side of people and things. He encouraged others to fight for what they knew was good and true. He never gave up. He cheated death once and squeezed out enough years for me to really get to know him and I'm so grateful. After he recovered his focus shifted to community and he began to live for an idea of what he wanted the world to be. He inspired people. He would occasionally cause trouble or 'break the law'. If you count mixing concrete and patching city sidewalks when the city wouldn't as breaking the law. All to prevent little old ladies from falling down and breaking bones. He got the name 'sidewalk johnny' after that episode. He helped the neighborhood fundraise to buy another lady dentures do she could eat real food again. When the city was going to tear down a community wading pool because they had no money to fix it, he started a community association and got all the neighbours together. Over a few years and hundreds of garage sales later, they raised the thousands necessary to save the pool.And these are just a few things he did.He was my childhood hero, my surrogate father, and his ideals have become a large part of the internal compass I try to live by.This past Thanksgiving while spending time with family I was reflecting on things I am thankful for. I am so thankful he was part of my life, even for a short time, for that I am grateful. I wish my children could have known him. They would have just loved him and he them. Its comforting to know he lives on in me and in them as well. Every time we eat a 'weed', play a prank, have a laugh, show compassion, do something bigger than ourselves, inspire others.He is there.Smiling.