FREE Distance Healing 12/12/12


402978_10151116064776524_1292974204_nGreetings Everyone,I'm sure all of you  have all been hearing about all of the shifts we have been going through leading up the end of the Mayan Calendar of 12/21/12. We are gearing up towards one of the largest energetic transformations in our history!Many of you participated in the FREE group healing of 11/11/11. What an incredible beautiful experience of everyone joining in to give and receive.That was an incredible experience for me as well as one of the most amazing beautiful and loving celebrations with spirit I have had the honour of participating in. It is with that in mind that I had decided to offer another FREE distance healing on the sacred date of 12/21/12. After meditating on this for clarity and guidance, I received intuitive information that it would be more beneficial if I sent the healing on 12/12/12.  If you are interested on why that is, you can read the full story in another post HERE.12/12/12  is an important time. It is just as important as the great shift we have already experienced and the future ones we will continue to experience.What makes this time so important is that our (clear) thoughts and intentions are not only necessary right now, but required, to determine the future frequency we will live in.Anyone with healing experience, or has ever been part of a prayer circle has witnessed the power of group consciousness, love and intent. All of us united with a common goal of healing, and raising our frequency will not only help heal ourselves, but the world as well.That is why  I am offering this FREE distance healing to any and all who are open to receive it.While you sleep you will receive healing energy to help you let go of things you no longer need, as well as an activation to help you receive the new energies coming to you. I have also been guided to send the Attunement for the Angel link to Seraph Rose. This is a Lightarian Reiki Attunement.Seraph Rose Aura's Angel-Link is to open you up even more to be a beacon of Unconditional Love. I feel there is no accident that I was guided to pass her energies on. Right now we need unconditional love more than ever, ~ towards ourselves, towards everyone & everything.Seraph Rose Aura spreads the angelic quality of purest unconditional love to humanity. Via her Angel-Link connection with you, an "angelic flame of unconditional love" will be placed into your heart space, fully radiate through your energy fields and then ripple out into all areas of your experience. Afterwards, Rose Aura will be working in your "etheric background" as an Angelic Guide to assist you in all matters of the heart...especially the expansion of unconditional love of self and others.'More Information can be found on Angel-links HERE.To participate you just need to RSVP.You can do that via the link below.If you do not want the Lightarian Angel-link Attunement just let me know in your RSVP, and I will just send the healing energy. (The Lightarian Attunements are wonderful high frequency loving energies-but just in case you do not want them, you can opt out of this part of the session.) To benefit the most from this session please take some time during the days leading up to this event to journal. Make a list of the things in your life you would like some help letting go of. Then make a list of your dreams and goals  along with anything you would like to see enter your life. I will be sending this energy with all of the guides that I work with. Afterwards I will post here any insights or information I may receive during this session.Many of you are healers as well. If you would like to give as you receive please join me at 12:12am by sending healing energy to the group. Together we can do incredible things!! I am so excited about this. My guides have been getting me ready for this the last few weeks. It is going to be Wonderful!Please RSVP through the meetup groups below:If you are registered on Meetup already either through Practical Intuitionor the Reiki SharePlease RSVP through there-you can post details in your comments on whether you would like the attunement or not and any extra people you want me to send to. It just makes it so much easier for me-less email to go through today : )Please make sure if you are requesting healing on behalf of someone that you have their permission. I will connect with everyone and ask permission energetically before sending the  energy as well. Obviously infants, pets and small children or anyone in a non conscious state cannot give verbal consent. Rest assured that if someone does not want to receive the energies-they will not.If you are Not registered on those sites Please RSVP by commenting on my blog post re. the FREE Healing HEREI just need your name and if you just want healing and not the attunement or both let me know as well.I should also mention that I will be teaching a Reiki 1&2 Class on December 15th & 16th. This will be the last class offered in 2012.Reiki is a wonderful tool to help keep yourself healthy and balanced, as well as a wonderful modality to use to help others. The only complaint I have ever heard in over ten years of teaching has been, 'I wish I had learned this sooner.'If you are contemplating learning Reiki you may wish to do so at this time. I will be extending the early registration discount till December 10th to allow for any last minute students. More information on Reiki  & Reiki Classes HERE. Any healers wishing to join me by sending Distance Healing at 12:12am, I welcome you! Please make sure you take time to receive as well.I'm very excited!!Big Blessings!Kerri www.circleoflightwellness.comCircle of Light on FacebookOur BlogWe Tweet!   To answer a couple of questions that have come up, No you do not need to be asleep-don't worry if you happen to be awake*I am sending the Seraph Rose Angel Link Attunement. Your body will take the energies and integrate them in the best possible way for you. They are gentle healing energies, and yet powerful supportive energies for change and growth. They are not like a Reiki attunement in that you are not having an attuenment and taking a class. It is like receiving a positive energetic boost to help bring your dreams and goals into being. : )*Also this is a DISTANCE healing-you are not required to come to the centre at 12:12am!)