Heavenly Tea

New arrivals at Circle of Light as of Tomorrow ~ some beautiful teas! Thank you to Kaja for telling me about the Algonquin Tea Company!
They mindfully and lovingly harvest their organic plants by hand and by canoe as well to create unique teas for everything from a cold and flu rememdy to lucid dreaming!
I tried the Immune Blend tea tonight seeing as cold germs seem to be flying through my house as of late. It was delicious, and here's hoping it works. : )
The teas come in Beautiful boxes of 24 tea bags. They retail for $7.50/box. Each box has unique artwork as you can see here.

They make a beautiful gift. Come on by and try a cup of tea!
Here is some more information taken from their website
"Herbal teas from the Canadian Wilderness
100% certified organic hand picked indigenous Canadian herbs.
All of our herbs are wildcrafted (handpicked in the wild) in a sustainable manner, picking amounts that a deer would graze. Those herbs which are more rare are grown organically using non-mechanical, ecologically integrated and permacultural methods.
Our Quality
Only the finest quality herbs are reverently hand picked at the optimum time. Each tea's central ingredient have previously been unavailable in tea bags. We now offer 6 delicious and healthy gourmet herbal tea blends.
All herbs are naturally dried 100% safe and caffeine free. Our tea packaging is 100% Canadian made using 100% recycled materials. Sealed, air tight, reusable plastic bags. We use bleach free tea bags.
The Algonquin Tea Co Story is one of close relationships, to the Algonquin land, from which the knowledge and the herbs themselves come, and to humanity, through which the story of these special teas has spread.
While organic teas are rare, hand-picked wild Canadian herb teas are absolutely unique. Canadian herbs have been safely used for thousands of years and are renowned world-wide for their medicinal potency. Through careful harvesting practices we are able to provide not only an environmentally sound product, but also one of unprecedented quality. We harvest wild plants in canoes by glistening rivers, in warm morning fields of flowers and cool spring valleys full of roots.
Algonquin Tea blends fully meet the demands of the most discerning ecology-minded and health conscious consumer. At the same time, these flavours satisfy the palate of everyone from the average tea drinker to the most gourmet connoisseur."