11/11/11 Healing ~ What I Experienced : )


Wow! It was more than I expected for those who would like to know what I experienced last night I am going to write as much as I can remember here. I would Love to hear your experiences. If it's o.k. with you to share, post them as a comment here for others to see-many of us probably saw and experienced similar things.I would first like to Thank Everyone for Participating. There were over 400 of you who received the healing and attunements last night. You can see on the meetup sites the numbers there but I had emails flying in right up until 10:45 last night! I felt many of you connect with me around 10pm-you must have been excited! My guides have been getting me ready for this for a while. Yesterday afternoon my energy was so high, it was ungrounding me. I get klutzy when that happens(I drop things, I fall down) I came home with groceries and tripped and went flying through the air and landed on the concrete floor in my garage-groceries everywhere! It was a really bad fall, but I was fine. : )At 10:45 I went back into meditation (after a last check of emails) and began the healing session at 11:11pm exactly. The room I was working in was so full of beings it made me feel dizzy at first. They were beathtakingly beautiful, wise and loving beings who came in last night. I really had to ground. I also had to during a lot of water throughout the healings and the attunements- I drank around 3 Iitres of water! And could have had more. And I started drinking a lot of water the morning of the 11th. I could feel the other healers with me-we were sitting in a circle. A Big Thank You to all who participated by sending energy too! That made last night even more powerful and effective with our collective energies and intentions. I could see everyone's lists energetically. I worked with the group as a unified hologram to deal with issues that were common to all. Occasionally one or 2 people had unique requests and so they would pop in from the side. I saw everyone's faces flashing by so fast. The speed at which energy was flying around was incredible. I guess is this is going to be the one and only healing session for some of you your guides and angels wanted to make it worthwhile! The first part of the session was the letting go and the clearing out.The second part was the filling up of the new energies. The first part took a while-there was a lot to clear-everyone meant business here-you all seemed really ready to let go of things! That's good. The main themes of what was released(and there was a lot-the lists must have been long in this department : ) There was: a lot of Fear-I was surprised at the amount of fear that was going-like a mountain-it was huge! There was some anger, resentment, frustration, hopelessness, sadness, grief, loss, confusion, shame, judgement, but the largest pieces were fear of moving forward, and fear of judgement and fear of the unknown. At one point I felt I was holding a wounded bird in my hands, I could feel it breathing, and getting stronger, and then I was told it was time to bring the new energies in. My guides were present as well as a lot of guides I have never met-I think they came with all of you. : )It was like a huge house party in a tiny room!Again the lists came in with wishes and dreams and hope and I could hear peoples voices speak the words out. The colour and energy swirling around the room was so wild I had to keep my eyes closed most of the session so I would not get dizzy or distracted. There was a huge collective excitement about this coming year that was really strong. I could feel hearts opening more, stretching to open more and the courage to allow them to open more as past hurts fell away. Clear vision came in, Hopefullness, still some fear in Trusting 100% but a Willingness came in as well. Joy, Freedom, Love, Balance, Love(a lot of you really wanted Love!!! For yourselves and from others. So the best way for all of us to begin that right now is to be more loving beginning today) I was surprised at how alone a lot of you felt, and many wanted healing(there were a few of you in the group with some real health issues) and many many of you wanted to be awakened to your intuition and abilities, so get ready for that to be coming to you! Many wanted to live in freedom, without judgement or conflict, or doubt. Not physical freedom so much has emotional freedom. abundance. Money was a big one for many. Which is why it is so nice the snow came last night. I thanked God for that beautiful timely gift. It was as though the world was cocooned and made quiet I in a blanket of love for the universe. We were cocooned in a similar way during the session, wrapped in cosy energetic blankets to bring us love and protect us and nurture us.Just to fast forward a minute(while on the topic of the snow) I looked out the window at the end of the session and the snow was sparkling outside and it was so beautiful and magical I went outside for a while to be in that magic and stillness. The snow for me is the dreamtime-the very powerful time of bringing dreams into reality. I wrote about this a couple of years back in a newsletter-so rather than rewrite it -see the bottom of this note for the information for those who are interested. Snow falling to me looks exactly like the quantum field when I am up in the upper levels of it-with the particles flying around-that place of pure potential and manifestation. I took the snow last night as a sign and gift from spirit that they were in great support of what each and every one of you is endeavouring to create for yourself.Back to the session. After the clearing, then came the filling up and it was so beautiful. Golden light so bright I could barely look at it. The beings that came in with balls of light as though they were carrying gifts, it was a magical and humbling experience. Once everyone was filled up with the healing golden light and all of the wishes on the list were activated in you energy bodies, I took a few minutes to quietly meditate and prepare for the Lightarian ray attunements. I sent all 5 rays. I did it with my guides in such a way that you can access the energy of them whenever you need but you will not be overwhelmed with the energies of them all at once. I do have to say I have given many attunements over the years-hundreds. But last night was the firs time I gave an attunement to over 400 people at once and today I am a bit zonked from holding such a high frequency to do that-I do not go around vibrating that high on a regular basis. It was like being shot down a wormhole into space, my body was vibrating, my ears were buzzing, I felt like I was going to lift off at any second. I was even a bit concerned at one point but my guides told me it was o.k. that I would not blow up-lol. For those who did not want the rays you did not receive them. For the healing part of the session, your angels and guides will make sure you only receive as much or as little as you need so you can integrate it smoothly. Most of you (hopefully) will not feel a thing. Some of you who are more sensitive may feel more tired today(hopefully not so much that you feel like you've been hit by a truck-but even that can happen) Please drink extra water. Please allow any emotions to come up and clear that need to. some of you had been bottling up things for some time, so your anger, grief or sadness may come to the surface just to be cleared. If that happens know that this is a Good thing. Welcome it do not judge it. It will not make sense as it happens as it will have nothing to do with your life right now but everything to do with what you wanted cleared on your list. If you have a headache or heavy head today you were probably one of the ones who wanted your intuition to open up! : ) Lavender essential oil helps but sleep is best too. You are still integrating the attunements. It was a powerful night last night. But my guides assured my you would all be o.k. and no one would 'blow up'. If it makes you feel any better I am tired today too-but that has something to do with me being up till 3am. Spend some quiet time in nature today if you can. With all of this snow, go tobogganing! Make a snow angel. Start a snow ball fight with your kids, or co workers. : ) Live in the joy. You did a lot last night and I am proud of you all and honoured to be a part of it! It went until 2am last night. and all through the night I felt I was teaching too-answering questions-so if any of you recollect that part-that would be interesting. I woke up mid explanation of holographic universe and non locality and the role of theobserver so we must have had a good chat!!I would like to do this again sometime. Next time I will give more notice. I did post it on Twitter, Facebook and the Meetup sites first. I did not send it out on the newsletter list until later. Next time I will send it out on the newsletter list earlier. If you want to be a part of this again I encourage you to sign up for our newsletter on the Circle of Light Website  that way I won't miss you and you will always be the first to know about special events,classes and and news. If you received the Lightarian Attunements and loved them, or really feel the benefits as the days and weeks continue and want to learn more I will be teaching Lightarian this Summer ~the Reiki Levels. Pre-Requisite is you must already be a Reiki Master, with Karuna Reiki. If you do not have Karuna, there is a booster attunement I can do to get you ready for Lightarian. I do not want to go on and on about that here-I will have more information on that in our newsletter. Karuna Reiki Master is being offerred this Spring for existing Reiki Masters.In an effort to get this out fast (because I still 'feel' all of you and feel questions forming about last night) I 'hope' there are not too many spelling mistakes in this. A Big Thank You to all who participated. It was a great honour for me to participate in such an important and transformative event. I am very proud of all of you , for it takes real courage to change and heal. I am also excited about where these wonderful energies take you this year. It is going to be a Beautiful year of Change and Growth. Let's ride the wave of this Change in joy and excitement together! P.S. As I'm typing this my guides told me to look at the clock. 11:11 am Too funny!!P.P.S. The Dream of Winter(as mentioned above) Gifts of The Season ~ Nature ~ Our Greatest Teacher If we remain connected to nature and take time to notice the subtle changes we soon realize that nature is our greatest teacher. The seasons, the most obvious change in nature, always reflect what is going on within ourselves. Nature is alive just as we are. We are all comprised of the same energy. And just like a cause creates an effect in our life, so does cause effect change in nature. Even what is happenning right now economically is less of a surprise and more of an effect of a cause that has been in the works for a while. When we can recognize these rhythms and be in tune with them we are less prone to getting caught up in the unsettledness, or the panic and fear that are a result of deep disconect with the flow of all life. Winter is a time of sleep..and dreams. To look out on the world under the blanket of snow you woud assume that nothing is happening. In fact-Everything is happening. The plants are at there busiest. Seemingly dormant they are dreaming the dream of that which they will become in the Spring. They are forming the energy template for their future structure. In the spring they simply grow into that which they have created for themselves. As humans we have the same ability and yet few people realize or even take advangtage of this ability. Winter slows us down for a reason. It is to afford you the time to dream the dream of that which you would like to become in the Spring. It is the most important season in that regard. Spring is the busyness of new life and dreams bursting forth, Summer is the joy of them maturing and manifesting into full bloom. Fall is reflection and assessment of what worked, what did not. A time of letting go of the old so that by the time we reach Winter we are ready to enter the cocoon of dreamtime to create once more. We are creators. We are meant to create, it is our birthright. Whenever boredom or depression or illness sets in it is a direct result or effect of not feeling like you have the freedom to create. When I say create, I do not just mean art or 3-dimensional things ~ I am talking about the freedom to create your dreams. So take time this season for yourself, to Connect, to Dream, to Create. By doing this you will create a space for miracles to appear in your life.'There are two ways you can Live;You can live as if nothing is a Miracle,Or you can Live as though Everything is a Miracle'Einstein