In Search of Sweetness ~ Reflections on Peru


I recently returned from Peru.Though I have been back for over two weeks I felt like I actually 'came  back' (to earth) a few days ago. I was not there long but I may as well have been on the moon with the amount of time it has taken me to re-acclimatize. We spent most of our time  in the Andes working closely with shamans and priests experiencing numerous ceremonies and healings and blessings.I was completely transformed by the experience. So much so that it has taken me a while to process everything. They were experiences I will always treasure.Tmaria&manuel'13he shamans we worked with spoke Quechua. It is the Incan Andean  language. Many also speak Spanish but the majority of people from the mountains or smaller communities  only speak Quechua.Our guide was explaining a few years ago Quechua was dying out, not that many people spoke it. Today it is coming back. Most children will learn Quechua during their first few years and then they learn Spanish. He was very happy about this because he loved the language.(With Maria & Manuel ~ Q'ero Paccas (priests)He said it is a very Sweet language. He said this with such depth of feeling, we all took notice. I had never hear anyone describe a language as 'sweet' before and he was so sweet saying it. It was a moment that has stayed with me.After spending 15 days with people speaking Quechua I can say with certainty that our guide was absolutely right. It IS a Sweet language spoken by Sweet people.The people who speak it do so with love in their hearts; for their people, for their culture, for their brothers and sisters, and a reverence for the earth, and all of nature. The language is exactly as they are. Heartfelt and True.We learned many things on this trip but the love and the sweetness is what has stayed with me the most. Juvenile Ruby-throated Hummingbird (archilochus colubris)Just as the hummingbird that collects the nectar from flowers, we all went through our own journey collecting our own sweet experiences and memories.Even in the Despachos (offerings for mother earth) there was always sweetness present in the form of flowers, sugar, candies and cookies. These are always a part of the offering because the people believe Pachamama (mother earth)  is similar to a little girl and that she enjoys sweets.Reflecting on my past experiences with Pachamama I have never experienced her as a sweet candy loving young girl. In ceremony I have felt her as a loving mother, stern mother, wise teacher, healer,  but I  never as a little girl excited to get a treat. The image that conjured up made me smile. Why not? Aren't we all children at heart. Why would the earth mother be any different?childflowerjoySo many experiences on this trip, but right now what stands out the most is the connection I made with the earth, with the people, with the sacred places we visited, and with myself.ALL parts of myself but especially that little sweet child inside. The one who loves to throw her arms in the air on a sunny day and twirl. The one who says yes to everything. The one who springs out of bed at 6am because she is so excited what the day will bring. The one who loves breathing in the fresh air and being outside all day. The one who gets lost in playing. The one who loves everyone and everything. The one who sees the bright side of any situation. And much much more.I connected with my inner little girl  on this trip and it feels really really good.Since I've been back I've been playing more, laughing more, creating more, and am more patient and loving in my relationships with others.childjoytwirlI think that Peruvian sweetness has rubbed off on me a little and it's all good. I find I am loving myself more-ALL parts of myself.This experience has changed and blessed my life and transformed my approach to life, and my goals and dreams for the future.They are as large and colorful as a Koricancha (Quechua for Rainbow)I have much more to share but have been at a loss for words to describe the depth of experiences I have had on this trip. I know! Me! A loss for words?! LOL. I will post more about Peru in the near future but for in the meantime a Very Large Solpayki, (‘thank you’ in Quechua) to my soul brothers and sisters who accompanied me on this sacred journey, the beautiful healers and teachers we met, our Amazing guides, Pachamama for holding us lovingly as we laughed cried and healed, the sacred Apus(mountains) for sharing their wisdom and magic and becoming a very large part of us, Inti (the sun) for shining every day we were there, and all of you reading this right now. Peru is Truly magical!I promise I will blog more about Peru once I integrate everything a bit better. : ) in the meantime I feel the pictures speak for themselves and you can see more HERE.If you are feeling you would like to have your own Peruvian experiences I will be taking another group next Spring and will have details soon. Email me if you would like more information.With Love,Kerri