Checking In....Post Birth

photo-2 I'm wondering how everyone is doing after the big shift we went through leading up to and throughout the holidays. I have noticed lately with clients and students that many people are not quite feeling like themselves yet. Or they have been going in and out of feeling like themselves and then just feeling 'weird'. There have also been a number of colds and flus making the rounds.I just wanted to share my view on what some of you may be energetically experiencing based on what my guides have been  sharing with me over the last few weeks as I have been helping others through the process.After our large shift we went into(and are still in) a period of integration and activation. Right now everything you had cleared and transmuted energetically may be still moving through your physical body before making a final exit from your body and energy systems. Hurray! Some of you did this before the shift-and some who were hanging on to some old stuff (and being stubborn about it!) are clearing it post shift. Sometimes the more  energetically sensitive the person is, the more tangible and noticeable these physical transmutations have been. Some have felt the release physically, others mentally and emotionally, or if you are lucky like me you get it moving through all layers before it leaves. : )The shift we had was indeed a BIRTH. For all of the moms out there who have gone the 9-10 months through a pregnancy-most of their available energy going towards growing and nurturing the baby- as well as the intensity of the labour experience you can relate to those post birth feelings. The after feeling of joy at having that new life to now hold and care for, coupled with the extreme exhaustion, body aches, and mood swings that may come after. Periods of intense joy followed by fatigue, and also learning a complete new way of being-becoming a mom-responsible for another life other than your own. A big responsibility. Your heart expands, your worldview expands. It is one of those moment that forever changes you, and you cannot even describe it, it just has to be Congratulations Everyone because on 12/21/12 we all birthed a New Reality. And although that was more of a concept and an energetic shift and not an actual physical baby, it was still a birth nonetheless. It was right up there with having twins in my books. : ) Some healers and intuitives I know actually put on extra weight the 9-10 months leading up to the shift(and that weight just came-no matter how active they were or what they were eating), and they are now in the process of losing it. How crazy is that?!This analogy may help you understand this current integrating period and to remind you to please please please be gentle with yourself as you readjust to life as a new mother. Nurturing that new life, is a big deal. And not only are you the mother who went through labour, but you are the baby as well. You are the mother and the child all at the same time. Amazing isn't it?Once you clear away those cold/flu germs(for those who have had that experience), or any lingering emotions, or mental patterns that no longer serve you,  you are going to feel lighter and clearer and ready to go forward full steam ahead.photoWe all process and clear and shift at our own unique pace that is absolutely perfect for us. I have a tendency to go through things early and then once I'm through and out the other side, my clients and friends and family go through what I just experienced. I asked my guides about this a few years ago because it was a repeating pattern I noticed but did not fully understand. They explained to me that anyone working as a lightworker or healer, in service to humanity will have a tendency to shift through things earlier so that they can better understand and have compassion and offer guidance to those who have yet to experience it. The reason I'm sharing this information with you now is because I went through everything you all have too and am feeling fantastic right now! So if you are still in it and still feeling scattered and all over the place, please hold onto the hope that you will be very soon feeling more balanced and energized.Right now if you are still adjusting, take that necessary time for yourself to recover from the 'birth'. Be gentle with yourself and above all be compassionate and gentle with those other souls around you who are going through the same thing. A kind word and a smile can go a long way to brightening someones day.Much Love & Gratitude,& Give Yourself a Huge Pat on the back for Being So Fabulous!Kerri