self reflection

Mercury in Retrograde ~ A Good Time to Get Real

I love it when Mercury is in retrograde. I know it can cause havoc, but I feel the benefits to this cycle far outweigh any challenges.I have noticed in the last two retrograde cycles that many people  get themselves worked into a frenzy when they know Mercury will be going retrograde. I am a big believer  that thoughts have a huge part in creating our reality, so that is one of the reasons I choose not to get too worked up over it myself. The second reason is  that I personally love it when mercury goes retrograde, I feel quiet and calm on the inside at this time. The sometimes silent voice of spirit is much louder for me to hear. I feel more connected to myself, and the earth, and all of life.When Mercury goes retrograde, I just want to chill out and relax. I get quiet. I go within. To me it is so similar to that feeling of cozy pjs, a good book, a warm cup of tea, simple comforts.Sure communications can go 'offline' and electronics have been known to behave wacky at this time, but knowing this there is not much you can do about it. Not really. If you believe Mercury has the power to create chaos and confusion in your life then you have just given it permission to do so.Personally my belief is that as much as technology is helpful, and as much as communication and correspondence with others is important, it is even more important to have good communication with yourself. Let's face it, in today's world where everyone is switched on, a bit of a detox from the world of technology can do a body good.My suggestion is during the rest of our time  until this cycle ends on August 26th, you have a choice, and can choose to exercise that choice or not. You can use this time as an excuse as to why things are not working in your life. Or you can take some time and reflect and find out why 'you' are not working in your life and make much needed change.Take some time to yourself, to reflect, to contemplate. When mercury is retrograde it may not be the best time to have those 'big' conversations with others or make important life altering decisions but it is a great time to gather information, assess, and redesign your life. It is the perfect time to Get Real with yourself and have fun doing it.