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I'm LOVING The Body!

I'm in the middle of completing my Medical Intuition training and yesterday I experienced complete and utter awe and reverence for the body.Before I explain I should probably explain Medical Intuition a little bit and this will help me practice how to explain it because it is unique and different from all my other services.Medical Intuition is a modality in which the practitioner goes directly to the body for the information. To help you understand I am going to briefly explain my other main modalities.In a Channelling session I am going to my guide(s) for the information and just reporting whatever I am shown told experience etc.In a Medium session I am going to the loved one(s) who have crossed over for the information.In a Reiki session I am going to the body AND the energy field AND the layers of energy for the information which can come from anywhere(guides, angels, body, mind, emotions etc. etc..)It is kind of like a smorgasboard of information as the healing is happening as well.So in Medical Intuition I am going to the body. The body only. No guides, no departed loved ones, just the client's body. It is a different way of working and to be honest I find the whole process very thorough and intense. Intense because it can take me up to 4 hours to complete a scan.Also intense because there is absolutely no way to prepare for what the body will show me. Every 'body' is different, every scan is different, and sometimes the information can seem a bit odd to me-however the information IS from the client's body for that client so they often resonate with what makes little or no sense to me.It is similar to channelling in that regard because in a chanelling session I have no idea about 99% of the information relayed. It makes no sense to is for the client and my job is to deliver it clearly and accurately not to interpret it and definately not to to colour it with my belief or my 2 cents.I had a teacher who once said we all filter channelled information-or information from spirit through the 'dirty rag' of our personalities. At the time I laughed at the analogy, however as the years go on I realize the absolute brilliance of this statement.That 'dirty rag' is our beliefs, our culture, our fears, our limitations, our upbringing, our agendas, our personality etc.I have consciously worked on myself for  many years and still do to this day to become a clearer and clearer channel and to stay completely out of a channelling session in that I am simply there as the reporter of the information.What I have noticed about channelled information over the years in books and online is that it is very clear to see another's 'dirty rag'.Information from spirit is Never fear based. It Never tells you what to do. Absolutely spirit will guide and suggest and help when asked. But spirit will Not 'you should', 'you need to', 'you have to', or 'watch out for'.Those kinds of statements are red flags for me that the person channelling has way too much of themselves in the session.Also if the person delivering the info. has an agenda, or wants the person receiving the take the advice..that is a red flag too.Spirit does not interfere with anyone's free will. EVER. We NEED to ask for help to give them permission to even intervene in our lives! That is why so many people experience miracles after they finally get down on their knees and pray. They have FINALLY asked for help and so it arrives.This wasn't meant to be a post on channelling and MI is NOT channelling, but there are similarities.In MI when the practitioner connects with the body they cannot bring any preconceived notions, or assumptions from other modalities or any kind of healing background. One simply connects to the body and allows IT to tell the story. That story may be more in the physiology or anatomy, it may be a more emotional piece, it can even touch on previous times, or the client at other ages.I'm getting to the point-bear with me. For those who know me I tend to talk in a meandering 'circular' fashion....but we get there..eventually.  : )So the last few days I have been re-immersed in this work, and the other day we had to do an exercise or skit to act out one of the body systems.Our group was assigned the nervous system. We had around 10 minutes to figure out how we were going to act it out. Well the nervous system is HUGE and does so much! How can 3 people understand it and come up with a skit to act it out so the other group can guess what it is?! Honestly?Well, we figured it out but I have to tell you, the amount of co-ordination and thought to do that was a lot. And we were just acting out 2 or 3 simple responses the body would have.After that experience I sat at my desk in awe. (I hope my mouth was not hanging open while I was in awe but I can't be certain it wasn't)One thing for sure I realized our bodies are utterly AMAZING! Imagine! Your body works 24/7 and it works diligently. It is rarely thanked, often abused and still keeps going. It never complains but more or less asks for help via different sensations that we often ignore. Eventually when part of a system does crash we often meet that with frustration or anger because it cannot do it's job.Honestly if any of us were required to work 24/7 at that pace with no break, no recognition, no thanks, no reward, well we would leave after one day. But not the body. It silently organizes and operates things we cannot even wrap our head around. And we believe the wonders are off this planet in the vast universe somewhere out there?! I tell you the greatest wonder you could ever hope to experience IS you!I wanted to send my body a thank you card, and apology letter for years of not recognizing it's hard work. To wait all of these years to have this kind of epiphany...well it's a long time to go.And while I was unwell weeks ago I was too annoyed at having to slow down to even stop and think that perhaps, just perhaps, I have been too hard on my body. I have technically been an 'abusive' employer. I have to be honest, felt more than a little ashamed after that.So if anything I hope you get out of this post a deeper reverence for the skin you are in and everything underneath your skin. Your remarkable body that has gotten you through this life so far and continues to do so. What deeper love can anything have than our body for us? It is as selfless as a mother, looking after us first, rarely complaining and keeping us here so that we can have this earthly experience.I Thank my body for giving me this experience so that I can better understand it, appreciate it, and have reverence for all that it does. This MI class has been challenging, and rewarding but most of all it has reconnected me to my body in such a deep and appreciative way that I am so very thankful for that.I hope you can look at your own body through New eyes today-even if and especially if -you have a had a rocky relationship with it. Recognize all it has done for you, and send it some love, or at the very least a heartfelt thank you. : )