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'I Can't' ~ Two Words That Will Get You Nowhere


cantHave you ever said 'I can't'? Most people have at one point in their lives.Those two words hold a lot of power. More than you realize.Just contemplate for a moment.....How often do you use them in your life?'I can't' can also appear as 'I won't', 'I don't want to', 'I'd rather not', 'I don't know how to', and 'I'm too afraid to''I can't' happens when we feel powerless, when we feel unable to make change or take a step forward.In truth we are Never powerless. It is only our fear that stops us from action.Sometimes it is necessary to stop and reassess and take stock of our lives, so uttering an 'I can't' can buy some time or result in a much needed 'time-out'.'I can't' can become problematic in your life when you find it is a recurring pattern and/or it is replacing the 'I can's'.'I can't' ultimately is an excuse not to participate in life. We are all here to participate in life. The body will not thrive in an environment of 'i can't' for long without some ill effects. 'I can't' is often used as an excuse to not act, to not decide, and to not change.Sorry-I-cant-today... It is used as an excuse because it sounds so much better than I won't or I don't want to. 'I can't' doesn't invite argument. No one is going to say why can't you? Whereas people would easily say why don't you want to? Excuses are handy. They can be helpful when you need a break. But are your excuses killing you softly?The refusal to change out of a negative or toxic situation whether it's a job relationship or habit can slowly deplete you life-force energy over time. The early stages often manifest as fatigue, depression, anxiety, and can continue to affect organs and systems more directly as adrenal failure, chronic fatigue, cancers, heart disease.If you ever feel stuck in the 'I can't' but you know you need to make a change in your life then that is a great time to enlist the help of a professional to guide you through the process. Whether its a gentle nudge you need, or a complete overhaul, there are many wonderful healers, counselors, life coaches, lawyers, etc. out there who can help you. The good ones will never tell you what to do, but they will support and guide you to get to that place where you know what you want to/need to do.Sometimes just information gathering will make you feel more empowered. Education dissolves fear, and this will help you move towards making a choice.If you ever find yourself stuck in the 'I can't', taking action (any action!) will help move you out of that energy into the energy of 'I can' which will empower you and begin to move you forward.lifthigher This post is just about awareness. In my line of work I encounter a lot of people living in the mentality of 'I can't' and they do nto even realize it, nor do they realize the unique link it has to their wellness. Just start tracking your 'I can'ts' , just to notice where and when you use them. That alone is a very enlightening exercise. Then you can begin to try changing them to 'I can' or at the very least an 'I will try'.Lots of Love,KerriI created Circle of Light to support everyone on their journey. We have many helpful services and talented caring staff. As with anything else always use your intuition and meditate on it or contemplate in silence the best course of action for yourself. If you need us we are happy to be of service to