keep the faith

Angels All Around Us

I often connect in with spirit and ask for guidance, but last week I  felt I was overloading my angels 'inboxes' with ongoing prayers to receive guidance, clarity and help.Over the last two weeks I have  experienced many challenges that seemed to come all at once. Coupled with just getting over an illness, I was feeling a bit overwhelmed.I found myself using  all of my tools as a healing practitioner on a daily basis to help with situations. I found myself wanting to make things better, or at the very least  have some understanding.Nothing was happening directly to me, but more to the people  around me. These events triggered my momma bear in a big way because I am fiercely protective about people I care about and I do not like judgement and  injustice. So not only did I have to learn to detach from the situation, I had to try not to be  'Kerri the healer', and simply be Kerri the silent witness to the process.I knew intuitively that the solution could not come from my desire or will and that it needed to be surrendered to a higher power. So I gave it all up to the universe and promised  not to micro-manage God and to just be o.k. with the outcome.The feeling was akin to a child sitting on their hands to prevent nail biting. I had to consciously remind myself to not react, and to just wait, and observe and breathe, and wait.I used this  Helpful Advice For Any Situationfrom Buddhist Nun Amy Miller. I believe this to be simple and absolutely brilliant and it works!1. Observe2. Breathe3. Smile4. Be gentle5. Go slowlyI had the opportunity to do those 5 steps a lot. : )Last Tuesday I had  to accompany my husband to an important meeting. We went by our local Starbucks on the way home. While I was waiting for him I was looking at some beautiful angel paintings on the wall. They were over near to the corner, he didn't even notice them until I made him look.I, on the other hand, had been magnetically  pulled to them. I could feel the love and joy radiating off of them and I even took the business card of the artist with the intent to call her to ask about having paintings done for my nieces and nephews.I put the card in my bag.Wednesday and Thursday I had full days/evening with clients. Needless to say, I forgot about the card.Thursday, after a full day I was  getting ready to receive my last client. She was waiting for me in the main room and she said she had to talk to me & show me something  first. She was just about jumping out of her skin with excitement.She proceeded to say how after the Reiki class last month her creativity was just flowing like crazy and she had started painting. She was very excited and told me she had made me a painting and  pulled it out of a bag and handed it to me.I was so surprised to receive a gift, and when I saw the painting, I just about fell off my chair.There in my lap was an angel painting just like the ones I had admired two days prior! WOW!I immediately jumped out of my chair and said 'just wait a minute. I need to show you something." I ran to my bag and pulled out the business card and showed  it to her. I told her I had picked it up on Tuesday and planned to call her. When I initially picked up the business card I had not even looked at the name  on the card so I hadn't even made a connection with her name and the Reiki class I taught last month.I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE coincidences like this.For me they are always a HUGE Message from Spirit.In this case it was as though the Angels were shouting. 'We hear you! Everything is ok. Relax!' and possibly a 'stop clogging up our inbox'!I took this as a direct message from the universe, that despite my recent experiences,  to Keep the Faith.Here I was sitting across from this  beautiful  human being who was creating and living from the heart in absolute joy.This whole situation did not just confirm the angels were with me and looking after my loved ones, but it  also restored my faith in humanity.Prior to this  I had experienced some rather shocking behavior from people the last 2 weeks so was feeling a bit disheartened about the state of the world. I know everyone has goodness inside of them but I had recently experienced the darker side of individuals via their energy and behavior towards others. Greed, fear, just plain nastiness. Part of me wanted to say to them. Stop! Think of the karma you are creating for yourself in this lifetime. Everyone who works with energy knows that everything we send out into the universe whether through thought, intention, or emotion comes back to us hundreds of times stronger than what we send out. Especially now with things manifesting so quickly. Please be mindful.While I had been praying, I was asking for direction. Do I keep going on my path? Do I just keep sending them love and hope they will heal and not have to act from fear anymore? Was was this happening in my reality? I do not normally have this sort of experience. Was the universe bringing me these experiences because it wanted me to change direction? Commit further to the one I am on? Just full stop? What exactly?I was not receiving any clarity so had been considering every possible angle-with my logical mind-probably not the best way to solve a situation. : )As I have been moving through this chaos-because ultimately that is what the energy has felt like- I have spoken to many other healers, practitioners, and classmates(as I'm  in class furthering my training all week) and have found everyone is going through something similar, either directly  or indirectly. My classmates and I had a chat at lunch, catching up since we have not been together since April, and we all breathed a collective sigh of relief as we realized we are not the only ones who have been faced with some pretty tough challenges in the last month. Now in my experience chaos is an excellent energy. Never in the moment of course, but chaos brings with it great and lasting change. When it comes, it means dramatic transformation is in the works, and often change for the better. It is getting through it that can be the tricky part. As healers we all recognized that, but it does not make it easier.It is from that experience of sharing that  I felt it was important to share my personal experience here in case it may help someone else.It is during times  like these where we often feel our faith is being tested.It certainly is.As a healer this has been the point of all my training. To use it Now. When it is needed.If you have  experienced what seems like insurmountable challenges in the last few days, weeks, months.Please  Do Not  Lose Faith.Ask for help from the people in your life and from Spirit and hold steady on your course.We are all changing, we are all shifting. We are all on the earth going through this shift together, we need to honour one another, not resort to lower vibrational frequencies. Please make choices from Love, not fear, and be kind to one another. Not everyone is moving through these shifts with grace and ease. Compassion is so necessary right now.  And so are healthy boundaries. Be kind and compassionate but do not allow yourself to be bullied or belittled by those who would make  you feel small.Know in your heart you are a Beautiful Being of Light andLet Your Light Shine.Blessings and Love & A Big Supportive Hug!KerriTo see more of Elaine's beautiful angels please go HERE