Contemplation On A Train ~ How Finding Your Passion = Your Happiness

How to Find Your Passion.jpg

So here I am on the Go train heading to Toronto looking out the window (as most people do) and I see all sorts of industry, and large trucks as I usually do, but this day was different. On this day my mind went first to the piles of scrap metal, and then to the trucks, and then it began to contemplate  how everything got there in the first place. Here we had these huge truck,s made of huge sheets of metal, that were somehow created by melting down metal, and then pouring it into sheets, and then eventually assembled in to what would become the body of the truck.Now I have seen trucks before. Honest. But today I found this process to be nothing short of Amazing!My mind was on a full on wander. I contemplated how far we have come in a relatively short time from horse drawn carts to transport trailers.  Then I started thinking of ancient times and metals in general, how they have evolved over time and the creation of remarkable things like rocket ships etc.We live in a time where we are surrounded by all manner of inventions that make our lives easier. I found myself completely blown away.I found myself thinking that if someone from the 1950s time travelled here & you told them that in your pocket you had a portable jukebox that could play unlimited music, that could connect with people worldwide, and find the answer to any question they would probably think you were crazy. If you showed the device to them and demonstrated it they would probably think it was magic.What is incredible about these thoughts I was having is that Everything I was observing- the piles of metal, the trucks, the train tracks, the train I was riding in-all of it was built by people just like you and me. And before these things were even able to be built they were just ideas in someone's mind. Ideas that became plans, that became refined plans, and then engineered into what we have today. That IS the thought being made manifest at work. And we do it All The Time!  How amazing are we, that we can take a thought, and with a little focus and determination, we can turn it into something that other people can not only see but they can experience it themselves!And all of these epiphanies coming at me while looking at heaps of scrap metal and eating my morning oatmeal.Then like a lightbulb went off it came to me. If we are this incredible, why is is do many of us in our lives feel trapped and limited? I see people every day stuck. Stuck in illness, stuck in limiting beliefs, stuck in fear and judgement. We, as human beings are amazing little pods of potential. We can think, do and create absolutely anything!Want a new world? You got it!Just get on it, and keep at it.Someone in our past was passionate about metal and had a vision. Someone else wanted a better more efficient way to transport goods. Necessity is the mother of invention but so is passion!The real Key in living a full and happy life is finding out what you are passionate about so that you can find your own personal vision and create it. By creating it, that enables you to share it. If you do not know what your passion is, that's ok! You have your whole life to figure that out.Here's a hint.It is usually what makes you happy. And the best part is it, will be unique to you, it will utilize all of your natural talents and gifts.I think people run into trouble when they try and force their passion or fit into one that just doesn't fit, or isn't  right for them. Sometimes I see people who think someone else's passion is better than theirs so they try and live that persons life. That always ends in unhappiness and disaster. You know that has happened when someone is always looking over their shoulder or comparing what they have and don't have to what other people have and don't have. That creates misery and lack. That is also pure distraction from you looking within to find...you guessed it! YOUR passion.Hint number 2, it usually finds you.Everything in your life will be subtly or not so subtly steering you in that direction. If you have found your passion and look back on your life you will see how that is true.I know that is true in my case. I fought my intuition for years. How is 'knowing things before they happen' and 'seeing energy' at all useful. It really wasn't welcomed at the time. Well it ends up those skills were an integral part of my passion. Those things about me are what makes me unique and able to help others in the capacity that I'm passionate about.Do I feel foolish in retrospect for wandering around the first part of my life ignoring these things about myself till I 'got it'. Not at all. Because I'm passionate about many things. Yes you can have more than one passion!We are meant to be unique! Imagine how boring this world would be if we were all the same.Now I can respect and appreciate how scrap metal can be transformed into all manner of useful creations, and appreciate the creative and visionary minds that made it so, but that is not my passion.My passion is inspiring you to live your best life, find perfect health & balance & live in harmony.What's yours?