Channeling FAQ's


How Can A Channeling Session Help Me?

Channeling sessions are the most useful when you have questions to ask, or you are stuck, or feel you have many directions to go in and are confused about which one is best for you. Channeling successfully answers questions about:

  • your life path, or direction

  • career, finances, opportunities, businesses

  • health and wellness

  • relationships-present, past and future

  • past life questions

  • questions about the world we live in, where we are going, where we have come from

  • and much more! Pretty much any question that you have that you would like an answer too, channeling can help you shed some light on

How Does A Channelling Session Differ From Receiving Information From A Reiki Session?

During a Reiki session, Kerri often taps into multiple sources of wisdom simultaneously. She receives messages and insights from the body and mind and spirit of the client as well as loved ones who have crossed over (mediumship) and psychic (clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient) information as well. This channelling session differs from that in that it is a direct link to a specific higher being. It is this spiritual being that is answering the questions and Kerri is relaying that information to the client.

Who Are The Guides Kerri Channels?

The spirit guides that Kerri consciously channels are many and constantly changing .Over the years, she has channeled a council of 13, a group of entities who refer to themselves as ’The Nexus’, A Solar logos ‘Solaris’, ‘The Green Man’ (an ancient earth energy) and many Angelic beings. She is also a Psychic and a Medium. For sessions with others, the beings that often appear in a session are Alteen (Al-tea-in), and Hyawhenhoe (Hya-when-ho-way). Hyawhenhoe is a joyful loving Cherokee sister of Kerri’s from a past lifetime. Her picture is present in Kerri’s treatment room. Alteen  came into Kerri’s life years ago as she was going through a huge energy shift. He  brings clarity and wisdom from universal sources. He originates from the Pleidian system, has has had lifetimes in Egypt and Atlantis and has spent most of his time as a pure energy being working with light, primarily with the structures that help form our world. Kerri refers to him as a ‘light engineer’. He is part of a larger consciousness of beings who are helping us all evolve on the earth at this time.

Does Kerri Leave Her Body When She Channels?

Kerri does not 'trance' channel. Trance channeling is when the owner of the body leaves  the body willingly to allow another entity to step inside the body and animate it as a puppet to speak directly to the client. She does enter a deeply relaxed state while channeling, and through years of doing healings and receiving information from spirit, Kerri has perfected the art of getting out of her own way. Channeled information is only as clear as the person channeling it. Personality-the filter via which we view our world -will Always colour the information in a session. That is why channelled information is only as clear as the person channeling it. Trance channeling is seen as preferable by some as it bypasses this issue by taking the personality out of the body. Because in today's times, the veil is so thin between worlds, it is no longer necessary to go to such great lengths to receive accurate, clear and valid information. As a healer and practitioner Kerri is always learning, evolving and endeavouring to become a clearer and clearer channel. Because of her years of commitment to self healing and evolution, she can now easily tap into the higher frequencies necessary for a clear reading at will.

Do I Need To Do Anything Special Ahead of Time  To Prepare For My Session?

  • Take some time, in a quiet space and really think about the main issues you would like resolved or the questions you would like answered at this time.

  • Write your questions down. The act of writing your thoughts down, will help you organize what it is you really want answers to.

Helpful Tips For Constructing Your Questions:

It is important to ask good questions. Guides tend to be literal. If you ask ‘Is everything going to be o.k.?’ They will answer Yes..because at the end of it all..everything Will be o.k. You have not added a time frame to that question.Instead try asking ‘Everything in my life does not feel o.k. right now, what are some constructive steps I can take to help get me where I want to and need to be?’

Some Tips To Keep In Mind When Asking Guides Questions:

  • Try to ask specific questions. You can begin by asking a more general question and then you can ask questions about the answer you receive

  • Put it in a time frame. Time and space only exist in our reality...we want to know the 'when' of something. 2 days, weeks and 2 years have very different meanings to us.. sometimes guides overlook time, because they are not bound to it like we are.

  • Refrain from ‘shoulds’ For example, try not to ask “Should I or Shouldn’t I”. Instead try to ask ‘Is it in my best interest to….” instead The reason for this is Guides DO NOT interfere with our free will. They help when asked. They guide us with suggestions. If you are ever receiving a lot of ‘you must do this or that..or else..’ that is not coming from a guide or loving spirit! That is coming from someone’s mind or personality.

Always remember: Guides do not give fear based information. If they do speak about something scary or ‘negative’ they do so in a loving constructive way. They will be clear..they can give warnings..but they very often or always have a solution attached to them.

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